Tenacious XS Updated


Still picking away at her. had a few rain days from work so i shortened/welded the seat loop area about 6″ and made new shock mounts because the stock ones were stripped. I also took a body hammer to the tank. i like the way it turned out.



With the knee indents it fits like a glove. Now i’m waiting on my parts from mike’s xs. The part im most pumped for are the clip on bars…



Just working on the wiring wanting to run a BATTERY-LESS system. anybody have any advice/ helpful tips on what system to run or buy? i really want an ultra clean look under the seat area. As for the look i want to keep it recognizably an xs, just dropped, stripped and raw.

Chris Newman


  1. sean from boston says:

    wish i knew how to do that but the bike looks GREAT!

  2. tadd442 says:

    AWESOME job on the tank!

  3. Earz says:

    Looks good man, the tank turned out real nice.

    As far as battery-less, do some searching for permanent magnet stator or banshee stator conversion. I’ve done it to mine and it works great. My wiring is not quite finished yet (ie no lights) but it’s good enough to run. I’m using a 30 volt, 27000 uf capacitor in place of a battery. It’s only slighly larger than a D cell battery and will stabilize the voltage for the lights, etc.

  4. Mister says:


    Im going to order one of these and try out the permanent magnet system. Having no battery and charging problems to worry about will easily pay its self off. What style hammer did you use to do the indents on the tank? Did you use filler after the intends were completed? I was thinking of doing the same thing and yours is looking great.

  5. Trey says:

    sick tank man i like where this bike is going…

  6. chris says:

    the indents were made using a basic auto body hammer. As for the indents a couple of coats of primer to help fill but i didn’t put any filler in there. the flat primer in the pics do it justice, you can actually see the hammer marks in real life, but it looks alright.

  7. norm younger says:

    I like the dished tank.