raw. dirty. love


Yamaha XS650 US-Version ’79
Custom / tank, seat, batterybox, footpegs, front & rear fender, exhausts, front & rear light, custom paint


Nico Mueller


  1. sean from boston says:

    I love it!

  2. chris says:

    this has wrenchmonkees all over it?? I like it!

  3. Crazy Tony says:

    This is a Street Fighter… Not a street tracker. Bad-ass!

  4. leadfist says:


  5. coby138 says:

    love the paint spit shine and go

  6. I love it man. Is the seat your custom job as well?

  7. Brad Hindle says:

    What was done to the tank? looks a little wider than stock.

  8. PawPah says:

    did you move the shock mounts?

  9. Usrnameunknown says:

    Street fighter? Em no! Street tracker yes! Nice build!

  10. Goose says:

    I like it, it looks mean.