franken daddys first xs build


This is my first bobber build. watched craiglist for a while and finally found a bike I didnt care to chop up. Im currently having Robert Elswick to build me a hardtail section and oil tank.



These are some pix of my progress so far.  Im also looking for a killer painter. Ive sent out a few emails to a few guy for quote and still waiting for replies. Image One and Chiacgo Chris.


  1. danny says:

    What wheel and tire combination are you using.

  2. shawn says:

    nice wheels!

  3. jeff says:

    side covers are B E A utiful

  4. Manny says:

    Nice start!!!

  5. Kermel says:

    nice start indeed.
    I also would like to know the wheel and tire size / brands / specs.
    Covers are awesome .

  6. sean from boston says:

    this bike should be rad when its done!!! looking good, again what wheels are those?

  7. adam says:

    is that a barber chair?lol

  8. binko says:

    how do you polish the side covers to get them that mint?

  9. angus67 says:

    I have that same barber chair in my garage, too!! That thing was quite ug when u got it. Are those american wires?

  10. franken daddy says:

    First the wheels are 80 twisted spoke ebay specials, size 21″x2.15″ rear 16″x3″ front tire is a metz 90 ,rear is a avon gangster 130. The side covers were crap when I got them. sanding, sanding, polishing polishing ,to get them like that . Barbers chair is a 1930s model. Still waiting for my hard tail from Robert. Still tring to find a awsome painter.

  11. SonsofAnton says:

    Looking to do the same exact thing . . . is this your first build ever or just a bobber?

  12. franken daddy says:

    soa this is the first bobber build ,ive built pro street crotch rockets. but no bobber or choppers ect.

  13. nick brownrigg says:

    if you are still lookin for a painter,i’ll hook ya up.what ya lookin for?flake,striping,oldschool?let me know.

  14. Franken Daddy says:

    Got my hardtail today mon will start installing. More pix soon. Ground clearance should be 4 1/2 and nick still havent found a painter could you send me a email so we could get in touch. Thanks Chad of Franken Daddys Garage

  15. Franken Daddy says:

    Where a good spot to get a back fender looking for a rounded fender that will cover all little over a 1/4 or the radis of the tire about 6″ wide

  16. Evan says:

    Wheres the springer from?

  17. Franken Daddy says:

    springer was bought on ebay it a dna

  18. Pat Nice says:

    I got the painter for u… 3137842750 make the call

  19. Skohl says:

    Whats the stretch on the hardtail? should be looking nice.

  20. johnwayne says:

    looks gr8 wot stretch hardtail?

  21. J.Cash says:

    Anything new??

  22. Franken Daddy says:

    j. cash yeah I will update this week.

  23. frank grc says:

    frankin daddy must have some green backs for sure

  24. The Duke says:

    Any updates on this? I want to see the elswick tail. I just ordered drop seat version.

  25. Franken Daddy says:

    just sent my update in hopfuly post in a day or two.

  26. Joe says:

    Duke or anyone…did you ever recieve your hardtail from Elswick? I ordered mine on Feb 4th which is 9 weeks ago today and have not recieved mine. I was extremely patient at first (until about 6 weeks), and now I’ve left voicemails and emails and Robert will not even respond. I know they are busy and running a small shop is challenging, but this ridiculous and I am starting to think that they just took my money…which was paid up front! Any thoughts? Anybody?

  27. The Duke says:

    na man I placed my order early Feb also. I’m getting kind of pissed also.

  28. Joe says:

    Looks like Lowbrow or one of the others fab guys would of been the better choice. Being a small business owner myself, I would think it would be hard to stay in operation with this kind of service and follow up…especially in this type of market! It’s really too bad, on the phone Robert seemed like a cool guy and I hate bad mouthing people but I’m not sure what else to do at this point!

    Well….good luck on your wait man! Let me know if yours shows up or you hear from them!

  29. Franken Daddy says:

    guys it took me a while to get my hard tail from him also stay on him there realy nice section when you get them.

  30. Joe says:

    Update…I live in MN but am in Cali and I was able to get in touch with Robert. I actually met up with him and he had the hardtail for me. He is actually an awesome guy and his work is definitely top notch! He apologized for the lack of communication and lengthy process and also stated it is really unacceptable and I have the right to be upset. He said he is completely swamped with orders (which is good for him) and bustin his butt in the shop to get orders out, but knows its no excuse for communication break down.

    Anyway, just wanted to clear the air after bad mouthing him a bit. Meeting him personally was helpful in understanding the situation. He is definitely a stand up fab artist and I will continue to promote his skills!


  31. Bobber_xs says:

    any update, pics?

  32. Franken Daddy says:

    yeah theres another post called franken daddys first build update

  33. norm younger says:

    Great look so far. Any new pics or progress reports.

  34. XSNZ says:

    Go with ELSWICK if you want to wait for ages…perhaps never receive your parts and receive no communication. At least you know that he is busy and hides behind ‘I own and run a small business’. If you can’t run that side of your business, hire someone to do that for you and concentrate on what you are gooed at or go work for a corporate.

    Yeah, I ordered an electrics box from Elswick in November 2011 and still nothing. I waited 6 weeks to give him sufficient time to build (lead time was 2-3 weeks but I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt) and then emailed him a couple of times before he responded. Still has not arrived and still no communication.

    At this point, I happy that people say he is a nice guy and his work is qulaity, that is why I asked him to build it in the first place, but from my side of the fence, I do not have the part I dreamed of and he doesn’t even have the courtesy to acknowledge and say hey, sorry will get on to and have it to you….

    Sux, looking at your build and know that you are missing the final part, that you have paid.