This is my first try at a chopper, started with an 84 XS650 and scraped out all but the motor, lower frame and the back bone. Added a TC Bros hardtail and elec box used a harley set of wheels and front fender on the rear.

Swap meets netted the balance of the parts required ie. the DNA springer gas tank foward controls from there I fab a steering head and goose necked the frame made a seat and battery hold down chain adjuster front brake mount to hold a 6 pistion harrision caliper. I added a cool little schwinn bicycle speedo it`s great if you drive under 60 miles an hour, I rebuilt the motor with 30 over pistions a hot cam and a bunch of head work from the flat track days. The paint work was handled by `Paint by Dennis“ wicked color and gold leaf with his trademark stripping…..



The bike is just a hoot to drive, our season is a little short here in Canada but this year jack frost is going to kiss my ass before I put it away. Looking forward to your comments………
Regards Larry

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xs650 tanktop
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