First time chopper build

This is my first try at a chopper, started with an 84 XS650 and scraped out all but the motor, lower frame and the back bone. Added a TC Bros hardtail and elec box used a harley set of wheels and front fender on the rear.

Swap meets netted the balance of the parts required ie. the DNA springer gas tank foward controls from there I fab a steering head and goose necked the frame made a seat and battery hold down chain adjuster front brake mount to hold a 6 pistion harrision caliper. I added a cool little schwinn bicycle speedo it`s great if you drive under 60 miles an hour, I rebuilt the motor with 30 over pistions a hot cam and a bunch of head work from the flat track days. The paint work was handled by `Paint by Dennis“ wicked color and gold leaf with his trademark stripping…..



The bike is just a hoot to drive, our season is a little short here in Canada but this year jack frost is going to kiss my ass before I put it away. Looking forward to your comments………
Regards Larry


  1. tadd442 says:

    nice tensioner!…can’t really see the other things you made….

  2. MIKE says:

    Where are you located in Canada?

  3. Larry says:

    Thanks tadd442 PM me and I wll send a few shots.
    Mike I am located in St.Catherines Ontario………

  4. chris says:

    high quality, like it lots,some pics of left hand side and front view would be great

  5. sean from boston says:

    Hey the bike looks GREAT! just wondering what year make model the rear tire came off of and also if you had to do any modifications to the frame to get it to fit?

  6. Larry says:

    Thanks Sean, the wheel is from a Dyna Wide Glide 1995 the only things I changed are the bearings to fit the Yamaha axle and the spacers the TC bros hardtail works perfect…

  7. sean from boston says:

    hey sorry to ask another question, what bearings did you use? or what did you do to them? also LOVE the gas tank paint.

  8. Bodhi says:

    There’s a guy that sells fork cups that convert the xs necks to accept wide glide/springer/harley etc front ends … not to complicated … I have the web address somewhere… all it takes is a little more $$$$$

    a new wide glide /springer will run about 4-5 hundred (dna) but the catch is the front brakes. on springers, they’ll run another 3-4 hundred while wide glides you may be able to find some used.

    you’ll notice that aside from aesthetics ( lookin good) alot of guys won’t use front brakes on a springer but will swap out the rear drums for harley spoke w/ disc and you’ll need something extra as just the rear drums won’t do the job.

  9. Larry says:

    Hey Sean I will look up the bearing replacement I used for you, in the next bike I would stay with the stock Harley 1 inch axle and modifed the frame much cheaper and faster.Bodhi I would love to know the guy the sells the cups in my case I turned a complete new head and welded it in place…
    Tadd442 e-mail me and I will send you some more pics of the bike…
    Regards Larry (

  10. Sean from boston says:

    Thanks a lot! I’m working on my bike and am doing more of a “brat” thing so I don’t really want to modify the swing arm to much but want disc and spokes. Again thanks a bunch!

  11. Sean from boston says:

    Hey any luck?

  12. Larry says:

    Sean I have not forgot you I lost the paperwork, the company I got them from is called BDI bearings here in Ontario Canada, I called the fellow I got them from and he is going to look them up.
    Sorry for the delay…….
    Regards Larry

  13. Larry says:

    Sean in my case the bearings for the harley wheel to XS axle spec in at
    Outter 52mm (HD)
    Width 21mm (HD)
    Axle 20mm (XS)
    Late model HD bearings are in fact metric outter & width but the inner or axles are 1.00″ or 3/4′ who knows.
    You can pull one of the HD bearings from your wheel head to your local bearing supply guy with your XS axle and HD bearing and they sould be able to match something up…..

    Regards Larry

  14. Sean from boston says:

    Awesome thank you so much!

  15. kendall says:

    Hi nice ride. Do you no were I can find the hiem joint chrome threaded rod at or the complete kit. I can not find one short like the one thats used on this tensioner.

  16. Larry says:

    Kendall thanks for the kind words, have a look at your local Harley shop there are a few models that have a short set up for brakes much like mine in all chrome, also try online at jireh cycles you may find just the thing there…..
    Regards Larry

  17. sean from boston says:

    What did you use for a sprocket?

  18. Larry says:

    Sean sorry my wife has taken very ill, things are looking better now as for the rear sprocket it’s from a tractor supply or you could try harbour freight in the US of A. It was $12.00 and I had it drilled to match a harley sprocket I had, cost me a case of beer……..

  19. johnwayne says:

    nice, wear can i get adaptions to put my dna springer front end on my xs 650? cheers

  20. Sean from boston says:

    Thanks again Larry as always awesome info and great help an I hope your wife gets well soon.

  21. sean from boston says:

    well I have one last request If your wife is feeling better that is, If you get a chance E-mail Me at

  22. Larry says:

    Johnwayne, I welded a harley head stock on my frame, you can get these online at some the frame builders or have a local machine shop turn one out for you, pick a set of standard trailer bearings for a 1 inch axle and the lenght of the head required(whats the distance between your triple trees) ask your machine shop to turn one to fit…

    Regards Larry……..

  23. Uncle Bear says:

    Looks cool from what I see. Some side shots would have been nice to see tho.

  24. andrew says:

    Hi i am putting a wide glide front end on my v star 650. was jus looking for advise on where to get bearings, cups etc. i do not want to change the neck. please help. thanks in advance

  25. danilo says:


    what’s the specs of your rear wheel?


  26. Rick says:

    Really,really nice looking build. And St.Catharines you say? I haven’t seen it rolling around town at all,but looking forward to running across you and getting a better look.