Built with a Hacksaw and a Drill Press UPDATE – She’s ALIVE


Well, finally finished. After a few long years of piddling about….procrastinating and cursing to the stars, I have completed my first bike build. The first…and second rebuilds were able to weed out a lot of big mistakes I made.



The last big hurdle for me was getting the electrics all sorted out….learning from scratch…..building from scratch….Thanks to all the resources out there. Big thanks to [electricchurch666] on You Tube….who’s videos helped me quash the fear of starting an electrical fire.



Of course the first ride caused some havoc….and eventually led to the cops….but hey, who doesn’t love a home built. Still riding….and was TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Thanks everyone!



  1. sean from boston says:

    AWESOME… now lets hear more about that run in with the cops

  2. Eddie from boston says:

    sean from boston you the guy selling the bobber on beacon hill ?

  3. Trey says:

    GREAT lookin stance! A nice simple design that WORKS. I love that headlight too, where did you get it?

  4. tadd442 says:

    I agree with S. from B. let’s hear about your disagreement with the po-po!

  5. Sean from boston says:

    No I wish! I’m still in the process of building and well it’s going slow (getting married In a month all my focus is on is not running haha. But this is a great bike what’s the stretch on the frame?

  6. Arnav says:

    Looks like a fantastic blog. I was thinking if you had some youtube links regarding this topic. I would appreciate that! Thanks for sharing post.

  7. Pete says:

    The strech is 5″ on the hardtail (from BWC) and the headlight is a utility backup lamp(or tractor light) from Canadian tire. It works pretty good, aside from the lack of a high beam. It was a really fun build once I heard the pistons start moving. By that point I REALLY needed to hear her run.

    As for the cops….well, lets just say that the kick start return spring was broken, so I had a wire holding the kicker up after starting….made it interesting to ride for sure….also the cog for the kicker wouldn’t catch unless I hit the case and kick shaft with a hammer…On top of that, my break light was just tack welded during the test ride which resulted in draging it down the road for a block. All told, I think a 5yr old could site at least 7 violations with one eye closed on a moonless night. I dodged police for 3 weeks, and in some cases close enough to soil my pants…..then on my last day of vacation, after fixing all the little problems, I was taking it on the first real distance ride………got 3 minutes down the highway and came across a police motorcycle gangbang….there were about 6 cop bikes behind a corner on the hi-way and I was POOCHED. I was fasttalking the N00B cop who pulled me over and succeeding when his boss pulled someone else over on the far side of the road…”HE’S GONNA NEED AN INSPECTION” came over the radio….and that was that. Dodged one bullet to many I guess. Now I gotta tear her down and try and meet code…..if only my welder was certfied.

  8. tom says:

    glad to see you got your beastie rollin. i had a wee giggle at the first post.