Baker xs chop

Here are a few pics of my xs1 chop project Ive been working on. Hardtail is from Tcbros and was installed by my good friend Easy at EZ way fabrication. everything was built with yamaha and some aftermarket parts. this is my first bike and plan to build it to ride!


Thanks for looking Baker


  1. James K Irmert says:

    Looks awesome my man. Ride her hard!

  2. Baker83 says:

    thanks for the comment, I should have more pictures to come. Its goin to look pretty wicked!!

  3. mathew brickhouse says:

    Hey man sweet ride !!! Just started my xs a week ago. Where did you gey your apehangers from? I’ve seen alot of styles but I like your swept back style.

  4. Bake83 says:

    Thanks for the kind words. Those bars were given to me from a friend. I believe they are 1″ harley apes. They dont exactly fit but look cool for mock up hahaha.

  5. Bake83 says:

    Hey guys there has been some major progress on my bike. (Its bout time)lol I finished up the Midcontrols, mech brakes r done, different bars and painted the tank. I also just fired in up last nite! It sounds like a beast. Im hoping to get some tube to make my exhaust. New pics coming very soon!!!!