First bought a 78 xs650. did some brainstorming, looked at examples and decided what i wanted. of course it came to life on its own as the build went along. broke it down, 8 hours of chopping and grinding. had to bend steel tubing for the dropped seat bars. hid the battery box under the frame.


Shortened exhaust and added hollow turn-out ends. low cut z bars, flat black powdercoated mags, gloss powdercoated frame, swingarm, triples, risers, then rattle canned the rear fender, forks, calipers, and tank. avon venom whide white front, thin stripe rear. mikesxs air filters. added key switch. still has electric start. old tank art is left. this took about three months to do while working a full time job.

mark brettrager


  1. sean from boston says:

    looks great, somewhat what what i wan’t mine to look like GREAT bike.!

  2. Doug says:

    Nice! I like it!!

  3. mark brettrager says:

    thanks. just a few minor things to do.

  4. littlejim says:

    Nice build. What size rear tire is on the bike in the background? Thanks and post more pics of your bike.

  5. Pat Nice says:

    bro, amazing. what i wishd my wuld and shall b. hate to bite but wow. i am a not the tallest man alive like 5 9 ish five ten, so what bars wuld you suggest drag bars just so uncomfy for me???????

  6. shelly says:

    how does she ride with the shocks on the rear and then the sprung seat? alot softer/nicer than just the shocks on the frame or does it make it a little too bouncy?

  7. mark brettrager says:

    sorry. long time without logging on. the bike in the rear is all custom with 2002 harley engine. the rear and front on it is a 21″ to pat: bite all you want, im not a hater, it is very comfy… very. i cut the bars under the seat so it looks hardtail , its not too bouncy by any means…

  8. mark brettrager says:

    as far as bars.. i had drags but they were low, i switched to low zbars bought at iron pony in ohio for 24 bucks.