a few little things done… el diablo


Ok guys so tires are on…working fender out…small little touches but working on motor…just a update



  1. Voodude says:

    I see good things coming. Love the exhaust and wheels

  2. theirie1 says:

    The progress on the bike looks good. Did you happen to change the rims?

  3. Jonny says:

    Same question as the above, did you change the rims?

  4. Trey says:

    i second what voodude said, everything on this looks sick

  5. Zombie says:

    do you have a build forum that you are doing? or is it just this website? i really like where you are heading with this build!

  6. el diablo says:

    ok you got me yes…i changed the rear wheel…i tried and tried to make the 18 x 5.5 work but no luck wo running a jackshaft…so i went with 18 x 3.5 and im really stoked about the slimness of the bike now…this is where im posting all my progress but i am starting another xs as well that will be similiar and probably finished first….im building it for a buyer so stay tuned!!! it will be called….lovesick blues….

  7. Matt! says:


  8. theirie1 says:

    Does the 18×3.5 rear rim require you to get an offset sprocket?

  9. jarel says:

    What kind of stretch is on the frame? +4?

  10. dr ron says:

    nice spokes !! did you do that yourself ? gr Dr Ron

  11. JB says:

    What are you using as the hub for the rear wheel? I see it is disk brake so I know it isn’t xs stock – what is it? Also, I really dig that tank, what is it (mustang)?

    Nice look to it – I love how the exhaust runs with the backbone and on the left side. Can’t wait to see it completed.