81 for sale Buffalo


For sale is one 1981 xs650.  I purchased this with the hopes of creating a cool ride like the ones all over this site.  Unfortunately however, that is not the case.  Not only do I not have the skills, I don’t have any money.  And although plenty of these sweet rides have been built like that,  I also have a crappy work schedule, a wife, and five children age ten and under.  

I have had a couple friends offer to help, but I am working when they are off.  So here it is.  Time to $#!t  or get off the pot!  Bike runs well for being unrestored.  Could use some carb tuning.  Biggest issues are a couple of oil leaks.  First, the gasket behind the starter gear cover is leaking.  This is the worst of the two with a slow but steady drip when the engine is warmed up.  The second is the head gasket.  There may be a drip or two per ride.  Nothing serious, just didn’t want to leave that out, seeing as it is a thirty year old bike.  As for the price, $500
firm.  I live just south of Buffalo NY, and will only do a face to face purchase.  Oh yeah, and the title is good.



  1. Randall Jensen says:

    Brother, if you havent sold this yet, don’t. The XS650 is a collectable bike weather it is chopped, well used or straight up showroom. It is a classy ride no matter how it is set up and fits in with the best of the biker goups/clubs/name its. And, as a bonus, it does not use much gas. Don’t go for the cookie cut chop, be your own. The bike looks great, have fun with it.

  2. Heinz Thunderclap says:

    where is this bike residing? I am from Canada and am looking for a frame with title to hardtail. I will buy this bike if its in Canada.

  3. Nick says:

    Small world, I am the one who actually bought this bike from him. Thanks Colin, my build is slow but steady haha

  4. joko says:

    there are still things? ..
    although it does in the sale can not be shipped to Indonesia?

  5. Owen Hecker says:

    Very interested.
    Still for sale?
    I am in NW Pa so i can pick up easily.

  6. Colin says:

    been a while, how’d the build go?