xs650 “nothin’ special”


Write about your XS650.: just an other dutch no-bullshit / no nonsense chop. Just the basics,loud low and fast! Greetings from holland!




  1. Dead Ed says:

    love it low and loud!

  2. Ted says:

    The Dutch have good taste for sure.. There’s a lot of really beautiful bikes coming out of that part of the world. It is very clean and low and I love it..

  3. Royal Hunter says:

    Super clean and sick look looking.

  4. tadd442 says:

    nothin’ special?….don’t sell yourself short! Great looking ride…be proud!

  5. Bodhi says:

    I gotta rake my front end………….

    then get a used wide glide……………..

    then a real fat tyre……………..

  6. TonyM. says:

    Great job! Tastefully done.

  7. Ryszard says:

    Looks sick, I love how low it is. NIce job

  8. Harry Carmony says:

    Love a neat simple bike…

  9. shawn says:

    awesome looking bike!

  10. BLACKWIDOW says:

    I like the flow of the bike

  11. REEB! says:

    Digging the frame

  12. cold stare says:

    love it man. clean and mean.

  13. JungleBiker says:

    Nice! Another good example of less being more.

  14. Hans from Holland says:

    Yes, again a great XS from Holland!!!
    Wonder who owner is. LooXS 90% the same as my Back2BasiXS, but otherwise totally different. Exactly the same frame i’ve used, it’s a Zodiac Multi Purpose. Love the exhaust.

  15. weed says:

    Hoi Hans , die is van Richard (the chop )

  16. Hans from Holland says:

    Hey Sjoerd,
    Thought already, there aren’t that much Zodiac XSses overhere.
    So he gave it a makeover, good job Richard!

  17. Ro-jo says:

    Mighty fine!

  18. Mason says:

    In the Church of XS we say “praise the lowered”! Great ride

  19. reynoldburton says:

    Oh yes – I like it!

  20. the chop says:

    hahaha,” praise the lowered” I like that!

  21. tim says:

    just an all around great looking bike!!!!!

  22. rich says:

    Great bike, The frame you used ‘Zodiac multipurpose frame’ where abouts can you buy it? i cant find it anywhere on the internet?



  23. vern sowers says:

    great looking bike im looking for a xs650 to build and its kind of funny other then the color it looks the way i pick for me to build in my head keep up the great work and ty for some good ideas

  24. norm younger says:

    Very nice Great pipes.