Still Rockin’ and Choppin’!


I’m goin’ on 62 and still gotta build.

This scoot was a stock mess but the price was right and what I spent was really peanuts compared to my other builds. Looking to dump this and get back to trickin’ out another H-D. Got forward controls coming and looking for shorter shocks, then next year For Sale!



It was fun but really not my style. 1 month of work and a lot of flat black and black texture spray. The seat was a custom ebay item but too long so I cut it down and re-popped the cover, folding the extra material to make a small pocket for paperwork. Just for the record, I wanted to build a ‘Bar Hopper’ NOT a ‘Cafe Rocker’.


Da Blase!


  1. Sean from boston. says:

    looking good, not only are you 62 and still building your 62 and still bar hopping!!! keep it up

  2. Doug says:

    The bike looks great man! Good work. Clean and simple.

  3. Bodhi says:

    The bike looks good although really it still looks close to stock.
    Alot of guys prefer stock.

    What cracks me up is when some people throw on a custom seat, call it a bobber and then try for a quick overpriced turnover

    here’s one now

    for what he’s charging, I did a full rigid custom with money to spare and put in a hellofa lot more work.

    nice that you reclaimed this one from the scrap heap.