New xs 650 bobber


Just bought this bobber for $750 from my dads boss. The hard part of the build is alread done, they custom frame that has LOTS of extras, the pipes are really nice, and the custom cut fender.




He paid 3000 dollars for the labor put into this bike, all i have left is to run new wiring, put calipers, and controls, and paint it. also thinking about a harley sportster gas tank. tell me what you think?



  1. tadd442 says:

    You could do worse than a sportster tank. (you could arguably do better too!)…I would ditch the black-out bucket thing under the seat and get some FILTERS on those carbs!

    Either way, get creative, that’s one HELL of a hardtail/frame, do it justice!

  2. Sean from boston. says:

    Looking good only thing i would change is the rear fender but thats my opinion other than that the bike looks great even with the tank on it. good buy!

  3. shawn says:

    i’d change a few things but who cares it’s not my bike. i agree with sean ^^^ about the fender too, anyway’s good buy 4 $750

  4. Russ says:

    I agree change the tank. I think the electric box would look better with a flat bottom like a oil tank.Some K&N stile filters maybe a regular headlamp some skyhigh apehangers a glitter paint……………..Forgive me I could go on & on – It’s your bike ,build it the way you like. Congratulations on the find ,it’s a great start.

  5. JungleBiker says:

    Yep, looks like a good place to start. Remember to do what YOU want to do with it, but since you asked for what we think:

    I’d go with a different rear fender. I’d go with something smaller and lighter looking, unless you plan to run saddle bags, then it doesn’t matter much what fender you run.

    I think the bike would look a lot lighter if it didn’t have that massive box under the seat. A smaller tank would also make it look lighter, and while a sportster tank is somewhat cool, it’s also something that’s been done before, over and over again. Maybe go with something unusual, maybe an early 70’s steel dirt bike tank or something. I like Honda SL100/125 tanks, for example.

    The frame is unusual, and that’s something that you could make work in your favor. Nothing against TC Bros or any of the other hard tail builders out there, but it’s nice to see something different from time to time.

    The headlight looks like it’s worth a lot of money, but I’m not convinced that it really works with the rest of the package. Maybe you should sell it on eBay and get something that fits better with whatever tank and fender you end up going with. Again, these are just opinions, and you should certainly, absolutely, positively build it the way YOU want it to look.

    Good luck, have fun!

  6. cyrus-ahlman says:

    Thanks for the input guys, i personally don’t like the black out thing under the seat either, but unfortunately it was welded to the frame and being 16 i dont have the skills to re fabricate all the stuff i wanna change, i would like to get the sides cut off the fender and just leave the top portion closer to the tire. But i like do see what you guys think, thanks.

  7. pauly says:

    Freakin ugly….