my 75 (Dark Horse)


This is my 75 XS650. It was a basket case when i got it. TC Bros hard-tail, 53 chevy pu oil filter for elec box & 53 tail light, choped handle bars,


home made (sissy bar-pillion pad-fender struts-forward controls), sportster tank, all rattle can paint job. pin-strip by Briggs,




Patrick Senear


  1. adam says:

    got any close ups of the controls? looking sinister!

  2. shawn says:

    nice bike! i had the same idea with a 57 chevy oil filter can on my bike just haven’t mounted it yet…

  3. chevy53 says:

    nice bike i like the fact that your using truck parts on it. i would also like to see some more pics of the controls

  4. Tebo says:

    That is inspirational, dude! I hope my own ’75 basketcase turns out as well. It’ll be a resto-rat for now, and a rigid bobber someday. I dig the bars and the mini turn signals. Too many crazies out there not to use ’em. Does the bride really ride on that pad? ‘Cause it takes up space for more stripes.

  5. Sean from boston. says:

    bike looks fresh to death.

  6. Mister says:

    Looks great man, im liking it all black, wasnt to sure how the whole engine would look but I think it looks wicked. The pin stripping looks good too. Do that yourself?

  7. BLACKWIDOW says:

    I like this bike it’s coo

  8. Patrick - my 75 (Dark Horse) says:

    Thanks for the great comment! i will get some pic of the controls and im going to do a CAD detail of them soon.