murdered out!!!


Just got done with my 82 xs. Never ridden or built a motorcycle before. This build cost me about 900 dollars including buying the stock xs.



  1. adam says:

    wow i really like the angles on the tail,makes me wanna change plans hmmmmmm

  2. chevy53 says:

    looks good man, but it looks like you would slide right off of that seat, kind of a steep angle on it. or it might just be the pic,

  3. REEB says:

    tail looks really scary. i’d be scared to hit a set of tracks with that

  4. Tech7 says:

    I agree, doesn’t look like much supporting that rear axle!

  5. PATRIX says:

    I do like the basic line of the tail end which would be enhanced by a seat alignment. Although I honestly can’t see the details of your axle mounts, I agree that the engineering looks precarious.NIce job for a first build CHRIS.