Anther hard tail from the tigman my brother Shawn put his bike on so i feel the need to put my bike on as  he got me start on feeling the need to build  a bike so here it is 1981 xs650 hard tail by Dave from world  class welding  an like my brother I can weld not great but can do Dave did the hard tail the rest of the fab is being welded by me the exhaust pipe are made from a 4 in to1 header of a 1983 night hawk head light is a spot light off a 1950’s fire engine.



I’m building this bike the way I would like it to look because it is so hard to have a one of a kind because it has all ready be dun my for instants saw a oil filter can for a 55 Chevy at a swap meet 2 mouth a go for my brothers bike for oil tank for the electrical to hide in got 1 for free from a friend for him but now some one else has one on there bike hard to have one of a kind so here’s my bike.




xs650 long sleeve
xs650 Bandana
xs650 tanktop
xs650 mug