Update: The bike seems to be comming together nicely now & has the compact, fat look I was after. It’s running a 150 x 16 rear & 130 x 16 front tyres on Harley rims. The front forks are off a Triumph with the lock stops cut off & built in to the head stock, home made bars, electronic speedo & classic style head light. As this bit’s quite big I stuck the idiot lights, switches & horn in there to try & keep things neat. The battery lives in the oil tank with charging leads under the cap as getting at the battery is a git due to everything being crammed in to such a tight space. The electrics are nesting under the battery & in the fire extinguisher; these will need some tidying at some point.


The foot pegs are on home made brackets that bolt to the original exhaust mountings so if they’re too low it shouldn’t be too hard to alter, we’ll have to see how that one goes. The fuel tank’s off a BSA bantam, so I’m told. The tank I originally planned to use had more holes than a tea bag so this one’s the back up plan & I think it actually looks better.

xs650-chop-LH 1



Just needs some alteration to make it sit level & close the gaps around the frame so that’s the next job. Then it’s time to set the carbs up for the pipes & bell mouths.

Will send another update when I get the tank done.







xs650 Bandana
xs650 tanktop
xs650 mug
xs650 long sleeve