Ju’s Bobber Project Part 4


Update: The bike seems to be comming together nicely now & has the compact, fat look I was after. It’s running a 150 x 16 rear & 130 x 16 front tyres on Harley rims. The front forks are off a Triumph with the lock stops cut off & built in to the head stock, home made bars, electronic speedo & classic style head light. As this bit’s quite big I stuck the idiot lights, switches & horn in there to try & keep things neat. The battery lives in the oil tank with charging leads under the cap as getting at the battery is a git due to everything being crammed in to such a tight space. The electrics are nesting under the battery & in the fire extinguisher; these will need some tidying at some point.


The foot pegs are on home made brackets that bolt to the original exhaust mountings so if they’re too low it shouldn’t be too hard to alter, we’ll have to see how that one goes. The fuel tank’s off a BSA bantam, so I’m told. The tank I originally planned to use had more holes than a tea bag so this one’s the back up plan & I think it actually looks better.

xs650-chop-LH 1



Just needs some alteration to make it sit level & close the gaps around the frame so that’s the next job. Then it’s time to set the carbs up for the pipes & bell mouths.

Will send another update when I get the tank done.








  1. reynoldburton says:

    I like it! Its really clean & compact, low & fat – good job!

  2. adam says:

    yes low and fat.dig the frontend and pipes.good combo

  3. chevy53 says:

    good lookin bike bro. very compact lookin.

  4. I really like this a lot…
    What kind of gastank and where can I get, – and what kind of seat, and where can I get…- Seat looks like about the best design I have ever seen…
    Love this chopper…

  5. shawn says:

    your bike is sweet! the front end looks sick…how are the mid controls mounted so low? i’ve got mine down low like that but was thinking they might be a little low for cornering…

  6. Sean from boston. says:

    “I can dig it” looking really good

  7. tadd442 says:

    THICK…..nicely done!

  8. If tank is from BSA Phantom I will try to find…- is maybe best looking tank I have seen yet….- Would like to know where that seat is from….
    I love the oil tank batt box…- and fire extinguisher wire-box…
    As reynold and tadd said…- “Low, Fat, and Thick….”…bet it is like the little bulldog on the hood of a Mack Truck…lol…- SOLID Muscle…-Great!!!

  9. Bantam even…lol…(Okay yeah…)

  10. tadd442 says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot…..STOUT!

  11. Rusty Nutz says:

    Yeah big tires make a nice statement.

  12. Ju Clayton says:

    Hi All and thanks for the comments, it’s nice to have your work appreciated. The seat’s from Customized Choppers & is the Flame Solo. Link to the site is; http://stores.customizedchoppers.com/

  13. Ted says:

    @ Harry Carmony- Yap, this bike has a lot of class. It as a real solid look to it with very little empty space. I really dig the back fender with the light..

    @ Ju Clayton- Awesome work…

  14. Harry Carmony says:

    Thank you for Info…- This bike is deffinately influencing my Braincells….

  15. Something you don’t see a lot of… fat 650 twins. And what’s more rare is one done right. What I like about this bike is it’s called a bobber and its actually styled after one (unlike 90% of bikes called bobbers that are not). Great choices on parts. Love the tank and front end. I’m liking the vision. Can’t wait to see part five… paint?

  16. Jason says:

    Im diggin the fatty up front, Im always game for modern forks. Gotta say though, that rear rotor needs swiss cheesed!

  17. Daniel says:

    love the tail light. very slick.

  18. Bodhi says:

    I like the Exile style and was leaning towards a wide glide front end but money held me back. However if that wasn’t an issue I’d go with a little rake up front as well.

    So where did you get that set of forks, which bike ????
    I didnt realize there was another option.

  19. Bodhi says:

    oh yea, try “stubby”

  20. BLACKWIDOW says:

    the fat wheels and the fat tank makes the bike look full I like it

  21. Ju says:

    Hi Bodhi. The forks are from a 1999 Triumph Daytona. A bonus with these is the head stock bearing size is the same as the Yam’s but the stem length is about an inch too short so needs a bit of length adding which is a fairly straight forward thing to do. Then it’s time for all the other engineering bits at the other end…


  22. Mason says:

    Great looking bike, really like the forks. Keep up the good work

  23. Ryan says:

    what type of rear disk did you use?

  24. Taylor says:

    Very slick!
    Where did you get those pipes? love ’em

  25. Ju says:

    Hi, the discs are from a Harley but I don’t know what model. The pipes are home made using 40mm stainless tubes, this is a standard size for UK cars. So got the tubes with some 90 degree bends from the local exhaust specialist, got busy with the hacksaw & welder neighbour, wrapped em & hey presto. Got the tank about done so another update soon.


  26. theirie1 says:

    I love your build. Running a 150 tire on the rear..Did you have to use any type of offset in order for it to work?

  27. Jeff says:

    this bike looks great. it’s different, but still tasteful. nice stance and lines, too. how did the fork swap go, though? did you have to do any customizing to get the triumph stem to fit in your yamaha frame? i’m trying to do a fork swap with forks off a different brand cycle, so i’m really curious if people find stuff that is just plug and play, or do they have to run different bearings or something.

  28. Ju says:

    Hi, the bike’s done & on the road now. It’s great to ride & you’ll never have a cold leg.. Have sent another update but it doesn’t appear to have been added yet. The front sprocket has a 3mm offset to match the rear wheel but didn’t need this to clear the tyre, it misses by about 5mm. This was done by simply adding washers behind the sprocket.

    The forks went in quite easy as the bearings are the same size but the stem had to be stretched by an inch or so as the Yam head stock is deeper than the Triumphs. This gave it a nice squat look & as yet the forks haven’t bottomed out.


  29. Smithy says:

    JU’S , mate……. nice rig does she handle good?

  30. Brett says:

    Any more updates? I’d love to see how it turned out, especially the tank.

  31. greg says:

    I love the fat style I ‘m looking for the same style but maybe big whitewall tires , black powder coat rims and a lighter tan style seat with some custom carving. Really nice bike man!

  32. norm younger says:

    Great tank and Taillight.

  33. Dennis says:

    Geez, I am always hoping Ju will give us a followup on this. I love it so far. There is a swingarm bike here with many of the same attributes that I have been trying to find again. Can anyone point me in the right direction? My email: dacol58@hotmail.com

  34. norm younger says:

    Great pipes and tank.

  35. buster says:

    nice ride man,totally captured the bobber style…ride proud dude

  36. Ju Clayton says:

    Hi, I’ve not been here for a while & see there are more posts about the bike. There’s a fifth installment on the site at:https://xs650chopper.com/2010/11/ju%E2%80%99s-bobber-project-part-5/

    Bike’s running great & makes me smile each time I ride it.