el diablo’s last ride


Write about your XS650.: So here goes…this is my entry to the outstanding world you guys have created….its a 79 xs650…ive already hardtailed thanks to the amazing guys at tcbros….4 under springer front…21×2.15 wheel…18×5.5 rear….sprotor on the way…..ed roth red retina flake for the frame with a pewter, flat black, and flake red as well paint scheme….


lots of litte tricks i wanna try…running a single carb system…some kinda wicked exhaust and a devils tail all the way over the back wheel….thanks to all of you guys for motivation and great work you done to make me passionate about these bikes….also my girlfriend will also be building side by side on her project as well…details and pics to come…oh and shes doing everything so more to come….

el diablo


  1. adam says:

    sweet wheels,whats she buildin?

  2. chevy53 says:

    hell yea thats gonna be sweet, lets see some more pics

  3. Danny says:

    great bike. where did u get the springer?

  4. shawn says:

    looking good bro!

  5. theirie1 says:

    aggressive looking! How low will it sit when you are done. Did you rake the front?

  6. theirie1 says:

    Whats the make of your fuel tank.

  7. el diablo says:

    adam….same similiar build on a xs…

    danny…the springer is a dna 4 under….its for a harley but i have the factory hd cups machined to fit ….

    theirie1…right now adjusting out with the tires im looking at about 2.5 inches of clearance…not sure how i feel about that just yet….the fuel tank is a custom tank i picked up a debrix.com

    few little changes….so the sprotor didnt work out with the 5.5 wheel…which i was afraid of but…im still using as the sprocket thought and adding a disc on the right side….

    i plan to flake the crap outta this bike…my biggest ? at this point…cherry red flake or black flake for the frame? help!!!

  8. theirie1 says:

    Love the flat black with the red flake. If you choose flake the frame, go with the black. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  9. Nathan D says:

    What up Brent! Let’s work some magic…

  10. armand says:

    Ilike it all!! you’re goin on the righ way.
    I try to wonder what gastank is…paughco?

  11. el diablo says:

    nathan d….oh buddy you have no clue whats waiting for you in my garage…

    armand….hey the gas tank i got at debrix.com….if you search legend dish its listed there…not sure who the manu. is …pretty sick tank…

  12. theirie1 says:

    How did you get the springer to fit on the frame. More photos when you get the chance.

  13. el diablo says:

    i took the factory harley neck cups and had the outside diameter machined for the neck on the yamaha….more pics soon…

  14. BLACKWIDOW says:

    nice I like where this is headin

  15. el diablo says:

    update:: ok guys so this project has came to a halt for about the next month…unfortunately i took a dive on the interstate on my harley at 85 mph due to a wheel defect….but! all the parts are in and ready to go…so as soon as i can turn a wrench im done in 2 weeks tops….

  16. theirie1 says:

    Good to know all is well with you… Get well soon.

  17. sam says:

    I’m looking for a 21″ front wheel (2.5 or narrower), and a 16 inch rear for my current project. Ican see that your rear spoke is wider than stock, but I loove the look of your set up. Did you have to lace thespokes your self,or did you but the wheels set up from some where?

  18. el diablo says:

    hey sam no relace on the wheels…fronts a 21 x 2.15(demons cycles) and rear in the pic is a 18 X 5.5 but after many hrs of sitting and looking out how to make it work…nothing happened…its too wide for the hardtail frame…so i ordered a 18 x 3.5( chopper cycle)…they are harley wheels so the back matches the same axle…the front on the other hand is too big on the center to run the front end so i went with the springer…..

  19. el diablo says:

    oh yea…sam they do make a 18 x 4 as well which would be the max on a tc bros hardtail….i just stuck with the 3.5 cause it was simplier…

  20. theirie1 says:

    Where’s the update. How is it with the 4 under springer front. Post picture.

  21. norm younger says:

    Great looking bike. any new pics/ and just so you know im the original El Diablo.

  22. usp222 says:

    Im still interested on how the 4under springer worked out on this bike with trail and all. You are the only xs Ive seen with this front end and would like to use it on mine as well if it worked out ok. Thanks for your time hope to hear a response.