Boardtrack 21


Write about your XS650.: As stated in another listing- this bike will also go to Ebay soon and is for sale locally. Whitehorse Creations goal of budget custom riders using Yamaha 650 platform. Some details of this unit include mid 70’s Kerker exhaust, custom front fender and brass mount, solo spring seat, limp sausage taillight, K&N’s, drag bars on risers, and obviously 21″ f&r wheels for that old look.


Anyone wanting to convert to a 21″ rear , Tip- after some measuring and study , the spokes from the 19″ front wheel configuration on 74-79 standards will lace the 18″ hub up to 21″. You can do the front conversion with Buchannon spokes to go from 19 –  21″

Happy motoring



  1. James K. Irmert says:

    I really like the bike. I hate to be a puritan though, but I really don’t think a sprung seat should be matched with a softtail. I find it just looks silly.

    Beside from that little bit of criticism however, I really like this 🙂

  2. tadd442 says:

    Yep…ditch the seat springs….or add a clamp-on muffler over the Kerker…

  3. REEB! says:

    Like the tank. Agreed on the seat springs they gotta go

  4. Sean from boston. says:

    it looks real nice and old school!

  5. chevy53 says:

    yea im with every one else on this one lose the seat springs

  6. ksdtoday says:

    Sweet bike, thanks for the info on lacing a 21″. I agree with the seat looks silly. Making a custom seat is not that hard. I say lose the seat all together, not just the springs.

  7. El Gaucho says:

    Love the tank, love the seat springs!!!!!! Lose the softail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!