binkos bobber,,,my first build!


Write about your XS650.: Just finished my first build,,,,,trying to find some vintage tires now but having trouble finding 18″ tubeless whitewall? any help?hope you like the picks,,,,binkos bobbers.



rich binko


  1. armand says:

    what a sweet bobber you have.. great.
    good for you!

  2. Ryszard says:

    Awesome brotha, looks great! Congrats on your first build….

  3. shawn says:

    you can never go wrong with black…looks great! where’s the brake stay?

  4. Russ says:

    I might be wrong but I beleave your gonna have to run a tube with a spoked wheel.

  5. BLACKWIDOW says:

    good job for your first time

  6. JungleBiker says:

    Hey, why are you wanting tubeless tires? If you’re planning to run wire wheels, it’s difficult to reliably run tubeless tires. I’ve seen it done on drop center HD rims with about a gallon of silicone, but generally you need mags to run tubeless tires without tubes in them. (Yes there are a few wire wheels out there that can run tubeless tires, but they are rare. Naturally you can run tubeless tires with tubes in them if you want to, happens all the time.)

    Looks good, I like the bars/seat/headlight combo. Your forward controls seem a little high–is that for better cornering clearance?

  7. binko says:

    thanks jungle biker,,the bike has a tubeless tire on it now,,i just asumed thats what i had to get?….if i can put a tubed tire on my spoked stock rim theres lots of choices out there….are you sure i can run a tube in the stock rim?anywon else have an idea?