AJ’s-first bike/project build


So i picked up my 1980 xs650 from my college buddy a few weeks ago for 200 bucks. I’ve never ridden…this outta be intresting. I am big into the VW car scene and am already hooked in the xs scene. first thing i took on was shaving the emblem off of the tank and giving it a matte black paint job as well as the side covers. turned out ok for my first time tring it so the addiction grows.


I needed a few parts to get it inspected so i ordered what i could afford and am waiting on more funds for the front pads and a new battery. heres where i am to date. i know what im looking to do but any input and examlpes aould be helpful. im doing a full tear down this winter so im planning and saving now.



Things i want to do include- springer fork,suicide/jocky shift, new bars (haven’t decided style yet),duel headlights, different seat( i want to come up with a removiable passanger seat that will go with the chopper/brat styles)….there is a lot more but the on thing i cant decide yet is hard tail or suspension??? anyway thanks for reading and I’ll keep updating as it goes.


  1. Bodhi says:

    ok here’s what you do…………….

    invite a few friends over…bring a case of beer…

    have a sawzall nearby but a hacksaw will do

    keep a picture of a chopped xs handy for inspiration.

    let nature (and alcohol) take its course.

  2. ksdtoday says:

    And dont be afraid of gloss paint!!

  3. Sean from boston. says:

    bike is looking good so far, I used to be into the Vw scene as well what kind of dub do you drive? but sounds like a good chop if you get to do all the things you said you wanted good luck!

  4. justin says:

    great ideas but u might wanna ride a suicide/jockey before u jump on one for the first time

  5. E-train says:

    I agree with justin man. You for sure wanna try the scuicide/jockey before you put that in the game plan. Its hard. Real hard haha. Im 17 and I’ve been riding since i was 4, and it’s a bitch. But keep up the good work and keep inspired man. Good luck.

  6. cLIFTON says:

    Love the bike lift. I made one from some 2×10’s and a pipe cause I had it laying around. It’s not gonna last so when it dies I’ll replace it with one like yours.

  7. dr ron says:

    Keep on going with your plans, its your bike , !! remember that !! it,s youre chop/style anyway it,s yours !!gr Dr Ron