81 XS650 dialed into grime.


This Yamaha was built at Exotics-inc in winston salem NC by a guy that gos by Casey. The only thing that is not custom built by Casey is the motor.


Who did the killer pinstripes and artwork?

A guy that goes by the name ” pork chop ” free handed all of the pin stripping and artwork. A local dude from the nc triad area.

Is it your personal ride?

Yes it is. I ride this bike as much as i can!

How long did it take to build?

Only took a couple months of blood sweat and tears. It took a couple months to to design,  and once we had all the parts it took about 2 days to assemble and ride it down the road.. The shop I built the bike at was Exotics Inc. Building XS650’s that make you say whhhaatttt the F*** is that???? is what Exotics-inc strive for.

Thanks Casey


  1. Andrew says:

    I love everything about this bike. Great work!!!

  2. Micah says:

    The finish on the tins is awesome! Great build!

  3. el diablo says:

    man speechless…without a doubt one of my favorite xs’s ive ever seen….great work all around!!

  4. Pete says:

    Bike looks great, but I have one question.. Im not sure if im just not seeing something but is your clutch still on the bars? If so how do you manage to shift?

  5. casey kiger says:

    pete: the clutch is still on the bars..i only use it to take off…i have that jockey shifter to shift…on xs’s the clutch design is so crappy you dont really need a clutch to shift..just RPM’s…to my knowledge..there might be a different reason.

  6. Rusty Nutz says:

    This is a classic summer night ride. Simplicity, wheels, wind, jeans that smell of gas, bugs hardened onto the headlight, sundown over the water, grabbing dinner and another ride through the boonies before putting it away for the night.

  7. Idaho chad says:

    man, i love the pinstripping! i need pork chop to set my bike off!

  8. Royal says:

    Wow! that is Fu^%in Rad. Alround awesome scoot.

  9. hooversama says:

    i LOVE the tank and the seat.

  10. Fletch says:

    Very cool!!

  11. Voodude says:

    Nice job bro. We are the luckiest dudes in the world to own ’81 XS’s.

  12. Stu says:

    I’m usually not a fan of white rims, but those look amazing. Great job

  13. Uncle Bear says:

    Cool Retro-Rat build. I have been thinking of running an H-D springer also and was wondering how much over or under yours is? Also, what did you do to get the H-D neck bearing cups to fit? Thanks, Uncle Bear

  14. sean from boston says:

    i love this bike!

  15. casey kiger says:

    uncle bear: thats not a H-D springer..its a -4 under DNA springer…i just measured the diameter of the neck and went to my local motorcycle shop and ordered the right size race and tapered roller bearing. my buddy actually cut the neck off of a junk sportster and welded it to his xs650 front end…also an option.

  16. Uncle Bear says:

    Thanks for the info Casey. I also like the way you set up your shifter with the clutch on the handlebars. That has got to be safer than a foot clutch. I am thinking about doing my xs650 chop/rat/bobber project with a shifting setup like you did. I ran a foot clutch many years ago on a H-D 45 ratbike with a jockey shift, it also had a reverse gear for a while. Ride safe, Uncle Bear

  17. anthony says:

    I love this ride. How tough is it to keep those white wheels clean?

  18. Broman says:

    I don’t want to do this twice in one day but I guess here I am – giving praise to a raw bike again. I said it before so I don’t want to repeat too much but I don’t usually go for these. I give this one a thumbs up because in a sense it isn’t raw. There is technically a paint job on there – even if it is raw at a glance.

    I didg the stance and I wouldn’t have thought that I would go for a rear tire that big – but somehow you’ve pulled it off. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the springer and the bars. There is something cool about that combo that feels rad. Wish I could afford a springer now….


  19. Joe says:

    Killer Bike man! great work, I dig it! Is the flying eye symbol, a tribute to the band The Flying Eyes? if so then even sicker, good band!

  20. tom says:

    love upside down bars. the solution to any sh$tty stock bar problem!