79 Brat, almost done


I purchased the bike less than a year ago. I immediately fell in love with Joel Mekolites Brat style, But didnt want to copy to closely. Thanks for the inspiration Joel. You make a great lookin bike. I have a very tight budget, but am near complete.

I cannot wait to start another bike.  Typical build, nothin fancy. Great site, lots of cool bikes and ideas here.





  1. adam says:

    love the seat!

  2. mick t says:

    hey doug the bikes lookin good are they two into one pipes if so where did u get them ?

  3. chevy53 says:

    bad ass man, i think the next bike i build is gonna be a brat

  4. Doug says:

    Hey Mick T those are just stock header pipes, turned in and run under the engine.

  5. Idaho chad says:

    build it your way and whip it. if it was all a certain “style” that everyone had to follow and keep them the same “style” it would suck. good F*$#@N job!!

  6. Doug says:

    Thanks for the comment Idaho Chad!

  7. mark brettrager says:

    jSv is right everyone should go get their manual on how to build an authentic brat “style” bike…. you can find it on whogivesacrapjustbuildyourbikehowyouwantitandbehappyandcallitwhatyouwant.com

  8. mark brettrager says:

    or just call it what you want like…. catstyle… fratstyle…gnatstyle…fatstyle….. make up a new one so its your own style and people wont cry…. that is if its not exact specs to what people believe it is supposed to be….