xs650 the way we do it in mass


Write about your XS650.: Picked this 72 xs  up at a swap meet in nh in milk crates hardtailed by tc bros then the gf says where do i sit so the side car idea popped in my head and this is what we built gets looks eveywhere we go and a blast to ride.





dan natola


  1. Blackwidow says:

    awesome side car to go with the chop

  2. REEB! says:

    Sweet side car! But I tell my Ol’ lady there’s only one seat for a reason! She thinks its great cause I can’t ride other girls when I’m out but little does she know there’s a reverse seat on the tank! Oppppssss!

  3. Brendon Roller says:

    Awesome Bike! Your lucky your wife wants a place to ride on it. My wife HATES xs650s, or any other chopper/bobber. She has a thing for the “crotch rockets”. Also… I like your exhaust setup. Is that something you did yourself?

  4. danxs says:

    ya did the exhaust my self and thanks for the kind words on the bike too

  5. chuck says:

    ahhaa, my wife said the same thing, “where do I sit.” I said, “on your own bike.” ahahaaa.

  6. Larry Rice says:

    Sweet! What kind of bike is the tank from?

  7. Mister says:

    Nice looking bike, do you know what the tanks off of? Its nice to see some different style tanks.

  8. Robby says:

    looks sweet man.

  9. danxs says:

    thanks guys the tank is off a bennili 250 dirt bike early 70s only about 1.5 gallons but no reserve on the petcock i have and it has a rattle can paint job

  10. hooversama says:

    the sidecar is cool…..tank is fugly…….. the headlight looks huge….. not that there’s anything wrong with that…… it’s not my bike…… it’s yours…….ride the hell out of it!

  11. JesC says:

    Awesome i love the sidecar! How does it ride?

  12. shaydaddy says:

    love the sidecar. my wife told me she didn’t want to ride on my stock heritage special when I brought it home. 10 minutes later I grabbed the sawzall and it became a solo seat. Been thinking about doing a sidecar setup though so I can take my dog with me. where did your sidecar come from.

  13. danxs says:

    the sidecar is a craigslist find i was told its a califonia sidecar from the 70s i paid 500 and there was a line of peoplr behind me to get it they can be hard to find around here

  14. Sean from boston. says:

    I’m here in Mass as welll BIKE looks GREAT

  15. Sean from boston. says:

    side car = better lol

  16. danxs says:

    hey sean thanks for the comments your bike looks great too i went with the 72 for the reason of gettn a sticker here in mass and not gettn tickets for day time head light use cops around here love too pull us over

  17. ROODIS says:

    I like the tank (not so much the color) but the lines and the big headlight and the dress shoe too.

  18. Barney says:

    Totally dig the horn man.

  19. Marco says:

    Thing looks rad man. I’m also from mass and i can’t wait to finish my xs up so i can rip it around