xs650 2into1 right side hi-pipe

Scott AKA Greatscott has been making some awesome exhaust setups for the 650 crowd for a few years. I’ve been looking at different exhaust setups and and his work keeps coming up.

“This is a 2into1 xs 650 header that exit’s into a 12″ long 2″ dia tube inside a long rolled megaphone, it sounds fast sitting there! rev it up and yikes! Your choice of slash cut or strait cut end. 20hrs to make this pipe, comes with heat guards welded on and a mounting block for rear suport that you weld on to fit your custom or stock bike. The Dyno showed a increase in H.P. and tourqe where you need it, around 4,000rpm.”


He also is building some sick xs650 motorcycles.


Scott built a sidecar rig last summer and rode it EVERYDAY all winter long! Lots of fun :o)




  1. Matt says:

    Scott’s a great guy. I have some of his pipes on my XS…great craftsmanship and good guy to deal with…

  2. Marcius says:

    I am also trying to putt sidecar an my xs, can you post more pictures wiht mounting points. Thanks

  3. bill says:

    Got a set of greatscott pipes on there way here.Supposed to be here tommorow.I bought the curved drag pipes.Cant wait to see them.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Bill, I got a set of the curved drag pipes and one of the best purchases I have made!