My ’81 XS Yama-Harley


Write about your XS650.: Started with a 1981 XS650 Special. Done a lot of tradin’ for parts and came up with this bike I call my Yama-Harley.


Total cash outlay for this, including the purchase of the bike was $1300! I did all work, even the paint. PPG Bananna Pearl and Mint Green, covered in cc Prismatique. I live in Richfield Utah. I’ll be 60 years young in 30 days.– Bruce


  1. chuck says:

    How come your selling your bike? I see a for sale sign leaning against the tire in that one pic? Do you plan on working on another one?


  2. REEB! says:

    Years of experience is all that is!

  3. toe. says:

    happy soon to be birthday, Bruce!

  4. chevy53 says:

    well not my cup of tea but i can apreciate the work and craftsman ship, good work man. happy early bday man

  5. brian says:

    Good looking bike! Its different!