mommys little monster


Write about your XS650.: This bike started out as a stock 78′ it had an oil leak at the base gasket so i pulled the top end off and went through it. The frame was brought to an ol biker named “oil” not far from where i live in louisiana who came highly recommended by many and i couldnt have asked for a better job. xs650-chop-noid-done

Oil welded on a 3″ stretched 4.5″ high hardtail rear section and goosenecked the front with a 1″ neck  out 3″ and shortened the down tubes around an inch. I took a stock evo sportster front end and turned down all the tabs off the lower legs and lowered the tubes 2″.




The tank is a baas metalcraft, danny gray seat, west eagle steel rear fender, ebay oil/electrical tank, stock head pipes cut and wrapped, chain steering stops, ardcore fu bars that i had chromed, 16″ ebay xs rear wheel with shinko rear tire, sportster 21″ front wheel with a speed master tire, universal foot controls that i made some mid mounts for and now i have writers block hope you guys enjoy… sorry about the shitty iphone pics


  1. Ted says:

    Mans this bike has really great lines. I dig how you used the water fixtures. Are they welded into the tank? Cool to see a lot of Ardcore parts on this bike.. I’d love to see some more pictures of this one..

  2. Russ says:

    Haven’t always been a fan of goose necks , but this one flows really well.

  3. jeff says:

    this is the best lookin bike ive seen on this site. i love it. it looks great. the sporty front end looks killer. good job

  4. tadd442 says:

    chains & spigots….awesome!

  5. chevy53 says:

    hell yea man. i love the valves. bad ass frame and chain stops. the FU bars really go well with your bike too.
    so are those the ardcore universal forward controls? but just mid mounted? how do you like them?

  6. Mister says:

    Awesome! I am really diggin the frame the gooseneck looks fantastic! Rad bike.

  7. Dead Ed says:

    I love this bike first full on love for a goose necked fram for me…this bike is so much chopper!! lovin it!!may need Oils services (pass the info) for a frame like this very sick!!!-DEAD ED in TEXAS

  8. J-C says:

    Have to be one of the nicest bikes on this site along with the one posted for the bars contest. Great job!! love the globe valves and rough paint job or lack of one.

  9. mommys little monster says:

    thanks for all the support im glad you guys dig it ! truthfully this is my first chopper build, and to be even more honest the first bike that i have ever owned ! the gas spigots are very functional and you can pick em up from baas metalcraft for 30 bucks each, i had oil tig in some steel bungs in the back of the tank triumph style and fill in the previous holes. the only part that is from ardcore are the bars which are perfect for this chop and i highly recommend doing business with those guys! John Ardcore is one of the coolest cats that i have ever held a conversation with in my quest to find quality parts. the foot controls are actually a set of tc bros. universal forward controls that i picked up from their ebay store. the bike is currently in pieces on the floor of my shop awaiting paint so hopefully ill have some completed pictures in the near future !

  10. I’m with TED on the lines. They are perfect. Low and long. Thanks for sharing. I’m definitely gonna cut an inch off the down tubes of my next chop.

  11. BigJimmyW13 says:

    Nice man I like the little stuff that brings it all together!

  12. REEB! says:

    Really liking the frame! Not so much on the chain stops.very different tho.

  13. I_am_10_ninjas says:

    Had another look and have a few more questions. What is the overall length of this badboy axle to axle? How do those velo stacks work for ya? Didn’t give my carbs enough air. Curious about what kinda filter system ur usin.

  14. The Attache says:

    long time viewer, first time commenter…..hands down best American Hardtail XS I have even seen. Thanks for the pics and more updates please

  15. Capt_Zoom says:

    Which velo stacks are those?

  16. mommys little monster says:

    the overall length from axle to axle is 66″. the velocity stacks are from… i have no idea why you wouldn’t be getting enough air with velocity stacks since a velocity stack is just an open funnel with no restrictions ? as far as the filtering system lol i robbed some thigh highs from my girlfriend and doubled them over the end of the stack and used the rubber seal that comes on the stacks to hold them on …

  17. BLACKWIDOW says:

    nice lines and those gas petcocks are killer

  18. Wa says:

    What’s the model front end?? amazing bike!

  19. Kaos10 says:

    Mommy’s lil Monster has been sold, and man what a steal I got from my bro! Though we got different taste this bike speaks for its self and I hope everyone still likes what I do w it. Its at the paint shop as we speak and I hope to have it back together soon. Ill post some updated picks asap.

  20. Jason Brown says:

    i love 650’s… heart n soul …