Write about your XS650.: This bike started out as a stock 78′ it had an oil leak at the base gasket so i pulled the top end off and went through it. The frame was brought to an ol biker named “oil” not far from where i live in louisiana who came highly recommended by many and i couldnt have asked for a better job. xs650-chop-noid-done

Oil welded on a 3″ stretched 4.5″ high hardtail rear section and goosenecked the front with a 1″ neck  out 3″ and shortened the down tubes around an inch. I took a stock evo sportster front end and turned down all the tabs off the lower legs and lowered the tubes 2″.




The tank is a baas metalcraft, danny gray seat, west eagle steel rear fender, ebay oil/electrical tank, stock head pipes cut and wrapped, chain steering stops, ardcore fu bars that i had chromed, 16″ ebay xs rear wheel with shinko rear tire, sportster 21″ front wheel with a speed master tire, universal foot controls that i made some mid mounts for and now i have writers block hope you guys enjoy… sorry about the shitty iphone pics

xs650 mug
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 Bandana
xs650 tanktop