Indonesia Bratstyle XS


Write about your XS650.: I just Try Build as my dream .. hand made all item as i can…


My Bratstyle XS

Oyong (Chopper psyco) – Medan Indonesia


  1. chuck says:

    Hey, sweet top motor mount! Is the front part of the frame stock? I hate the original top motor mount and need some ideas for a nice minimal mount like you have.


  2. Royal Hunter says:

    That’s pretty nice looking, big fan or the forks and the tank. Hard to tell but is that tank dished on the sides?

  3. James K. Irmert says:

    Nice bike, very nice. I really dig the springer.

  4. REEB! says:

    That is awesome I wish I could go to a different country to ride. Wonder what the total cost was.

  5. chevy53 says:

    sweet bike man. the only thing i would change is rake out the front end allittle, but the each his own, the world would be a boaring place if every one had the same taste…
    keep up the good work

  6. toe. says:

    the sides look dished to me. whats going on with the battery box? i cant make it out but it appears to be a toaster maybe?

  7. Max says:

    Good balanced lines. It’s what you like then ride the rubber off!

  8. hooversama says:

    simple bare bones bike……sweet!

  9. Earz says:

    I dig the sissy bar/fender supports. Bike looks good

    And is that a registration plate attached to the front of the frame? I’d imagine that would block much needed airflow over the engine.

  10. noe-noe says:

    manstap lai…salam dari – palembang

  11. dani fayora says:

    nice xs 650 ..
    ♠Oyong is really Chopper psyco♠

    don’t ask me how this guy ride his bike ..
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with next project !

    hell yeah – lapangan merdeka – medan

  12. tim says:

    i like everything about this bike, just looks like one should

  13. v4nna says:

    wow, ada juga yg dari indonesia, nice bike..

  14. nice bike bro
    i never thought that indonesian would like bobber
    cuz what i kno they only like stock HDs and asian scooters