Hustler 23 Roller


Hi folks , we came up with this projekt by building a framejig  ,cause there is really nothing in Germoney that you can buy , and we actually like building our crap by ourself anyways.


The front of the frame remains original and the rearsection is just sick brainwork. Lots of fun and Lemonbeer later it looks like what you see so far. The bike will run on 23 inchers frt and rear , the frontend  are original XS legs with a HD Sportster Wide Glide tripletree , no rake.


A bicyleseat and springs will make it comfy ( for those who care ).Handlebars are by V Team with internal throttle. In the works are the footpegs and brake setup. Soon more pics.

Update: Here are the promised pics on the frame jig , unfortunately Idont have any good ones.
Dare to be different.




Wild Air Hoerby


  1. toe. says:

    okay. lots of questions.
    how long did it take to come up with that frame?
    what type of exhaust is that? it looks like it has some sort of trumpet mute thing in it?
    how low is it going to sit off the road?
    how much stretch is in the tail?
    um… no brakes?

    in short this thing is freakin’ sweet!!!

  2. chevy53 says:

    this thing is crazy cool, hope your running some low pro air filters, it looks like your seat is alittle close to the carbs lol.

  3. REEB! says:

    Oh yeah and I forgot them 23 are Going to be bad ass!

  4. Thanks folks for your mental support on what I´m buiding here , as we conntinue there will be more pics posted . For the frame , that was actually not that time consuming as it may looks. I bought a good pipebender in the US and along with some seemless pipes 1 1/8 ” and 1 7/8″ the bending took 2 days and 3 Sixpacks of lemonbeer ( you see I love that stuff ). The framejig is all selfmade from squaretubing (i´ll post some pics for you. For the exhaust , this is a two in one , and since I wanted it to run below the motor , it was a lot of cutting and welding . the pipes are 1 7/8 stainless , also the 90 ° bends which I bought off the local Hardware store. The connection to the big pipes in the back is pure simple an old heddercollector donated by my 64 Impala Station which is currently under construction. The exhaust will have a little flap at the end like old trucks used to have. Brakes will be on there soon , for the back I have a Sprocketbrake and in front single 13″ dics. The hustler will sit 5 inches off the ground and the whole thing is set up for some serious fast turns ,cause I live at the beginning of the Black Forrest , so there will be lots of fun.Stretch in the frame : 1,5 feet longer than original . Got to go, the Lemonbeer , you know.

  5. Earz says:

    Wow. The 23’s will be cRazy. I was planning to run 21’s front and rear, but my project has slowed down due to funds. Definately looking forward to more pics.

  6. shotcaller says:

    That’s off the hook. Can’t wait to see more!

  7. reynoldburton says:

    How will you manage to get it street legal in Germany with this selfmade frame? Red plates – or will it just be a fun project?

  8. REEB! says:

    Exhaust manifold? Did you make them too? They look like a piece of sheet with so.e lightning hole in them. Very nice. And his bout some if that lemonbeer you speak of!

  9. Streetlegal ? Those who allways go by doubt , will never go ánywhere.
    Since I try to keep this thing on low budget:
    The exhaustmanifolds are made outta hardwarestorestairwayshandrailendpiece with a litte drilling and lathing it allready works like a champ.
    Becks Lemonbeer, my friends ,sorry but its all gone.

  10. REEB says:

    becks ah….ill have to see if i can find it. i really like gumball head!

  11. BLACKWIDOW says:

    I want to see this bike finished

  12. Istvan Balog says:

    Geiles Gerät, hammer Rahmen (wieviele Alcopops braucht man für so ne Idee? )weiter so.
    Bin gespannt auf weitere Bilder

  13. Shawn Dennis says:

    o god, i cant beleve my eyes….. a lowrider. that is pretty cool. i realy like the seat its like a bicycle i had…

  14. Mark MacPherson says:

    Can’t wate to see more ! May be a vido with her taking a run down the road ,or even in a parking lot. Don’t just start it up & walk away, that just not right. Great work.

  15. theirie1 says:

    I can’t wait to see the finished product. ALSO..WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE 23s.

  16. Don russ says:

    I love it!

  17. Ron says:

    Kinda has the shape of the girl in the poster on the wall. Nice…

  18. theirie1 says:

    Just wanting to know what progress you made on the bike. Been waiting for the finished product. Also, where can I get a rear 23 like that!

  19. norm younger says:

    Fantastic frame.