extended swingarm bobber (update)


Here is an update on my 1979 extended swingarm bobber. Its been slow going building a bobber as a poor college student. I have finished up most of the fabrication and got a quick paint on it. I finally got it back together and make shift wired to get it fired up.



It runs good for being in parts for over two years. A little tuning and a couple more parts and seat covered i think i could have her on the road.  I really want to ride this summer, i will make it look good as i go. Please leave comments and let me know what you think.



  1. chevy53 says:

    i like it man, i know what you mean about building stuff with no cash lol, but i do it to my self, i have too many projecs going at the same time, and i have to buy parts for all of them lol

  2. Brendon says:

    Im the same way… broke and too many projects.
    Bike is looking good. Did you extend the swingarm yourself? How much has the been lengthened?

  3. JesC says:

    I got the bike for $260 off ebay as a rolling bike, but mostly a basket case. The only think that was done on it was the extended swing arm, and it is extended 4″. Is there any xs riders that live in Oregon?

  4. JesC says:

    Check out what i found locally, i really wish i had the money!

  5. Donnie says:

    Nice mild chop… just needs some finishing touches, looks good.

  6. Fattytad says:

    Yeah I live in Eugene and have built a few xs650s. These bikes are a blast. I’m on this site at least twice a day.

  7. Mike says:

    This is cool! I am in the “dream” stage, saving money for a donor bike. I want to extend the swingarm of my project. How does the bike handle with the extended swingarm?

  8. Fattytad says:

    I haven’t posted any on this site. I’m working on a 75 hardtail and a 79 bratstyle at the moment and they should be up within a month or so. This site is the most bitchin place for feedback and ideas. I can email or text you some current pics. I have a pile of stock and aftermarket parts also. Keep up the good work!

  9. JesC says:

    Yeah for sure email me some pics toy804x4@yahoo.com

  10. Sean from boston. says:


  11. cjxs650 says:

    The bike looks good im building a 79 now and i live in oregon mines almost done just got the motor put back in the frame just have to wire it all ill put up pics when im done

  12. XS400 says:

    I don’t know if I am posting this in the right place but any pointers on extending the swing arm?

  13. shad says:

    hey there im in eugene got a 81 hard tail should be ready by summer ,just picked up a 79 thats stock and clean been owned by women for a better part of its life it ‘s got mags i cant wait to brat it out.hit me up lets go ride ,We need a illgene posse to mob around on short runs…hit me up my name is shad

  14. B dizzle says:

    . Sweet bike man .I’m bobbing my 83 440 ltd and my master cylinder is hitting after putting on drag bars ,Any pointers?

  15. Jesc says:

    I got a new master cylinder (i believe off a quad), that relocates the output shaft of the brake line.