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Elswick cycles in California are building some cool xs650 parts

Robert Elswick and his brother Jamie at Elswick cycles in California are building some cool parts for the XS650. Robert is the founder of Elswick cycles. In 1999 Robert started working for Daytec Center as a welder. Daytec is a large custom motorcycle frames manufacturer and During his 9 years at Daytec, he assembled and welded more than 5,000 frames for companies such as Exile Cycles, Big Dog Motorcycles, Titan Motorcycles, American Iron Horse, Swift Motorcycle Company, Pro One, etc.

The ride pictured here with the white walls is a bike being built by a guy named Danny.

Robert- “Danny picked out the gas tank, seat, front end, wheels, and pretty much told us what he wanted to bike to look like, Jamie designed most of the parts that we built and he did 90% of the fab work, and I did all the welding” (We will have some more pics and info on Danny’s XS when it’s all polished up)




Elswick cycles came up with a clever rad looking bolt on electric box for the 650.  Robert- “We’ll be producing these shortly. This box is nice because it will bolt right up to your rear motor mount. We’ll be offering these with or without a filler neck that will have a hidden key switch under the cap.” If you’re interested in ordering one of these you can contact Robert at robert@elswickcycles.com. Like any time you order from a custom shop there’s usually a 3-4 week lead time. It’s not like the parts are sitting in a warehouse distribution center somewhere waiting to ship. You’re ordering custom parts custom-made… so, parts are made after you order…


electric box

Here’s a shot of the fake electric box with the hidden key switch under the cap. The hidden key switch under the cap is a pretty sweet idea and so is a bolt on electrical box for the Yamaha XS650.



Here’s a shot of some prototype mid-controls.


Couple pics of an XS frame hardtailed retaining the stock foot controls and cross member.


XS frame that is goosenecked and hardtailed. (already working on getting more pics of this bike as it progresses;)

Robert is making Yamaha XS650 weld on hardtail for custom order to any stretch and dimensions. I just ordered a weld on hardtail for my ride with a really narrow top rail profile with a 5 inch stretch a couple weeks back. From what I have heard Elswick cycles is pretty busy and probably getting busier now that they’re rocking a XS650chopper.com ad. It is great to have Elswick cycles on as a sponsor and a source for high quality custom xs parts..



  1. REEB! says:

    Nice I like the bike it is like a cross between 2 of my bikes!

  2. cooter says:

    They make really solid parts and the quality is top notch!! Only problem is they are slow to deliver!!

  3. Scott says:

    It never ceases to amaze me the cool parts that guys keep coming up with for these 650s. I love these choppers.

  4. toe. says:

    those mids are sick!

  5. Blackwidow says:

    raw bike man

  6. R.C says:

    well there is a guy in WA that sells himself as an elswick dealer/vender, that doesnt like to pay for parts he gets, and now We need……. hopefully he isnt a standard for elswick

    Digg the bike shown here.

  7. Brendon Roller says:

    Theres so much awesome pictured above! Anyone know what springer that is? Im new to the bike building thing and would really like one for my 650 thats in the works.

  8. REEB! says:

    That would be a Springer by DNA. Just under 400. Will not fit in a stock neck bearing xs

  9. cooter says:

    Like I said R.C, the parts that elswick produces are absolutely amazing in quality! Only issue is the customer service is dog$hit, good luck on trying to get Robert on the phone to place an order or find out the status of your order! Either way,……dont hold your breath,………just sit back and wait…………………………………….

  10. Brad says:

    More info on the mids please!

  11. Glad you guys like the bike. The mid controls are custom one off parts. We don’t offer them for sale yet but we will be offering something similar within the next few months. The springer is a -4″ DNA. Like Reeb said, it does not fit the stock Yamaha frame. There are different ways to go about fitting one to an xs but we just cut a section out of the top and bottom of the neck and welded in machined pieces that would accept Harley style neck cups. R.C, if you have any issues with not getting parts that you order from the guy you mentioned please contact me. We’ll do everything we can to get things straightened out. I wasn’t aware of any problems. Cooter, thanks for the kind words about our quality. I’m sorry if you feel our customer service is bad. Anyone who runs a small business like ours understands how tough it can be at times to keep up with phone calls, email, and still be in the shop getting parts built and shipped out to customers. We try our best to balance everything out. If you leave me a message or send me an email I will respond. The last few months have been very busy for us but I’ve been working 14-16 hrs a day and we are finally starting to get caught up.

  12. Ted says:

    Thanks Robert- I believe that your quality speaks for itself. If a guy is too inpatient to wait a few weeks for a handmade custom made part in the US by talented tradesmen then it’s his loss. I have admiration for any business owner who sticks his neck out and stands behind his work.

    “It’s not like the parts are sitting in a warehouse distribution center somewhere waiting to ship. You’re ordering custom parts custom-made… so, parts are made after you order…”

  13. Earz says:

    Agreed with the difficulties in providing the powder-your-balls service that so many expect. In a small repair shop I worked at, people would call 10 times a day to check on their bike. Finally I told one guy that if he called one more time to check on it, he could just come pick it up in pieces. Then I explained that everytime the phone rings, it’s another 2 to 15 minutes that I’m not fixing his bike. He finally got the point and stopped calling.

    I really like the look of the elswick drop seat hardtail. That was my first plan of action, but have decided to keep my swinger for a bit.

    That electrics box is sick – it’d be even better if a key switch was provided, with the key made into the cap. You just turn the cap to turn it on. It would be very clean.

    I love those mids as well. I don’t think I’ve seen any production mids being sold for the XS. If I wasn’t 6’6″ and didn’t need the leg room from forwards, I’d buy some.

  14. hooversama says:

    polished up? leave the damn thing alone and ride it…..it looks awesome!

  15. chevy53 says:

    nice man i like the mids and the pipes.

  16. Bitchin pipes, and leave that sucker raw!

  17. chris says:

    hi robert nice quality work really like them mid controls

  18. anthony says:

    any word on how much that oil tank is gonna go for? or if its going into production?

  19. Anthony, we’re selling the oil tank/electric boxes for $150 + $10 shipping with the false filler neck and mount for a key switch. We can include a key switch for an additional $20. We haven’t started advertising them yet but we are producing them on special order. Current lead time is approximately 2-3 weeks. Thank you all for the compliments! Keep an eye out for our updated website, it will include a few more XS parts than what we currently offer.

  20. Corey Kruchkowski says:

    I’m trying to figure out if Elswick Cycles is still in business.

    I bought a 6″ hardtail for my XS650 over 6 weeks ago. At the time, Robert phoned and emailed me several times to confirm the order and make sure it was exactly what I wanted. The money went through on PayPal – and he told me it would be 4 to 6 weeks until the hardtail shipped. Fine, no problem.

    As we got close to 6 weeks, I tried to contact Elswick to see when the part would ship. Now it’s been a week and a half, and no return emails and no return phone calls (left 3 messages over a week). We are past 6 weeks by 4-5 days.

    Now I understand being a small shop can make customer service tricky, as a small business owner myself. But I simply cannot understand how he can conduct business this way. It seemed that when he took my money he was very easy to get a hold of – but now that I want him to hold up his side of the deal and ship my hardtail – he is impossible to get a hold of.

    Anybody know is he is still in business?

  21. Ted says:

    @Corey “As we got close to 6 weeks, I tried to contact Elswick to see when the part would ship. Now it’s been a week and a half, and no return emails and no return phone calls”

    I had Elswick Cycles to do a tank for me a while back. I think that you’ll end up with a nice hard tail but it’ll probably take a while as I think he’s mad busy. still no excuse for not returning phone calls or e-mails – but it is what it is. Robert does nice work it just takes time.

  22. dana salas says:

    ted this is dana catch me on facebook

  23. shayn says:

    corey,how long did it take to get your frame?its been four months on my frame for me and i still cant get ahold of him phone or email.

  24. shayn says:

    well it is definatly the case.exactly the same way it went with corey.got ahold of him in the first couple days.to tell him my order.ordered two sets of handlebars and dropseat hardtail.he got my money through pay pal..and now im pissed too and writing stuff on here hoping my stuff will come.guess im calling pay pal and getting my money back.thanks for verifying my thoughts corey

  25. Ted says:

    I’ve heard from a number of people that ordered parts from Elswick Cycles but never got the parts order. That sucks! I did get a couple of parts that I ordered from Robert in 2010 that were well made. However, it appears that Elswick Cycles is no longer in business and I would not recommend ordering parts from the company.

    We only promote companies on Xs650 Chopper that are legit. However, it’s hard to tell how a company is going act in the future. All the current advertisers on the site are sound businesses. Thanks