Comment contest sponsored by lowbrow


leave a comment and win a set of handlebars

We have a lot of regular commenters like REEB, Blackwidow, Idaho chad, I_am_10_ninjas, Russ, BigJimmyW13, Metal Head fab, Harry Carmony, Ken Fontenot that have intelligent things to say and really make the site more engaging. It would be cool to get more people involved in the discussion.

It just so happens that Tyler at lowbrow had a bunch of these Biltwell bars made exclusively for British and Metric motorcycle with 7/8″ handlebars and is willing to give a set of these bars away to a lucky reader (That’s you:)

All you have to do to enter and win a set of 7/8″ Biltwell handlebars of your choice is leave a comment.

Commenting “sweet bike” won’t cut it though.

Try some constructive criticism or ask a question, answer a question or whatever. What’s really great is when some goofball comes around talking shit in the comments and having one of the regular readers leave a comment put them in their place and squash the negativity. The last thing we want is guys hesitate to send in pictures of their xs.  let’s see if we can get more discussion going on and build a community.

That’s it; pretty simple.

All you have to do is leave a comment and your e-mail address will be automatically entered to win.

We will randomly draw a winner and shoot them an e-mail on- 7/9/10

Lowbrow will ship you your choice of:
Keystone Handlebars – 7/8″ –
Window Handlebars – 7/8″ –
Chrome Tracker Handlebars – 7/8″ Biltwell handlebars
that sell for $99- Free.

Anyone in the world can enter as long as we can legally ship to you.

To leave a comment you don’t have to login, you just have to leave your e-mail address and pick a username.


Here a XS sporting a set of (Product placement) lowbrow Keystone Handlebars – 7/8″ –

Winning comment will be announced on 7/9/10.. Thanks again to Tyler at lowbrow..

Thanks- TED


And the winner update: 

Congratulations to Rusty Nutz.

Hopefully Rusty Nutz will send in some pictures of his ride with his new handlebars.

This comment contest went pretty good so we will probably do another one like this.. Thanks to all the dudes who have left good comments and contributed to the site.


  1. bob parsley says:

    I just traded my 1981 650xs special for a Buffalo Canoe.

  2. Just hope the Canoe doesn’t leak like the XS!

  3. Alex says:

    Well, I have to say ever since I first visited this website, I was amazed at the culture behind these bikes. Its inspired me to find one and start making my own creation.

    I cant wait to post it up and see what people think. But I do know one thing… there are alot of things people “dislike” and very few things people “like” in the world of Xs’s… But all I can say is im building for myself… not the rest of the world. Love it or hate it… its my bike, not yours.


  4. frank says:

    hi lowbrow,your parts are a-ok,i like the tabs and mounts that you make,beats makin myself out of an old bed frame,the tabs look great on my 650,i like negitive feedback,just makes me want to work harder,i just say!!!! put your mouth where your money is!!!!!!

  5. Albert says:

    Thank you lowbrow for helping support the metric chopper community. I look forward to using these handlebars on the wife..

  6. chad says:

    I second albert’s comment. Lowbrow has done more for the community than most. On another note, cant wait to see Bonneville pics when Tyler and Wes go out and dominate!!

  7. Ben says:

    yeah dang me im i traded my 72 xs650 for a newer truck but im still holding out on wining the frame and maybe these handlebars too and ill just slap a motor on it and ride! ha love those xs’s………….!

  8. kirk says:

    i don’t own a xs, but one of your bars would look wicked on my 82 kz750 brat styled bobber, this site rocks, maybe one day i will own a xs, until then keep the rubber side down…

  9. Larry says:

    This site keeps me alive, my XS is near complete waiting paint I have gone more the chopper build I will be sure to post pictures when it’s completed, The handle bar giveaway is just crazy, I build a set of bars from my son’s mountain bike while they will never be Biltwell’s they are kool….
    Regards Larry

  10. Benjamin says:


  11. mark says:

    sweet a chance at some free bars. i won’t have to finish the ones i started last night! when willthe narrow alien tanks be back in stock?

  12. Chris says:

    Handlebars are one of those things that can make or brake a motorcycle. The lines can either be enhanced or be totally wrong. I’m so glad that there are so many variations out there available to us metric guys. I’ve seen those bars before since they are well built and have had an eye on the tracker bars (hint, hint) 😉

  13. Stu says:

    Medical science has discovered that smoking cigarettes causes Chopper Dick.
    In order to properly recover from said disease, one most properly build a hardtail xs650 chopper with limited tools, space and finances.
    Winning these handlebars will sufficiently help to cure my ailing body of Chopper Dick and ensure I live a long and productive life.

  14. Don says:

    I gotta agree with the others lowbrow has good stuff and great service. And with the hardtail kits they offer for xs’ I think their going to get even more known around the metric world.

  15. Mitch says:

    I’m getting ready to start my build. A set of bars would be good to add to the parts pile!!

  16. Lanzalones says:

    Love the site! I bought an xs 650 because of you! Work productivity is down cause of you. Wife’s shopping budget is down cause of you. Quality family time is down cause of you… A nice set of lowbrow bars should help my cause. Thanks for all the inspiring builds!

  17. JesC says:

    This is an awesome contest!! Thanks Lowbrow Customs, and

  18. B. Ditzler says:

    I want to say first of all that this site has helped me ALOT finding parts and ideas in general, so keep up the good work. Also this is my first post so when i finally get pics up please let me know what u think. My dad and i have been doing this for at least like 7 years and i didnt find this site till like a year ago. Almost done with my bobber i started 4 months ago (a little behind too much work not enough free time). I started out with a bunch of random parts my ol man and i had from some 8 other xs650 we have had and a $600 clear title bike that was half chopped and missing alot of parts, and some misc. XS and harley parts from my tattoo artist he just happend to have. I hope to have pics up in 2 or 3 weeks and maaaaaan it would look sweet with some new bars on it! Specially since the ones on it are bent, rusty, and stock. Keep up the good work.

  19. Robby says:

    I love reading about everyones bikes helps me learn alot. im liking the one on this page looks dirty and mean. hope to get one built soon.

  20. armand says:

    can you send me the handlebars to chihuahua mexico or need to be on the states? anyway I need these beautys.

  21. chuck says:

    And I thought today couldnt get any better! Just got home from the welders place as he is welding on my hardtail from tc bros and i see this . Man, it would be so AWESOME to win a pair of those bars since I was going to buy a set anyway. I’m just having trouble deciding between the keystone bars or the window bars? I love them both. Maybe if I win one I can buy the other style? ahahaa. Or, an even better idea is use the 2nd set for build 2!


  22. EJ says:

    A chance to win some handlebars…. Sign me up. I hope you choose me. A set of keystones would look great on the xs650 bobber that I’m building. Regardless thanks for the opportunity.

  23. sam sambrano says:

    love the site, i am in the process of fixing up my v-star into a bobber but love the look of the XS. Saw one in a junk yard on the way to work and an stopping tomarrow after work to check it out. New bars would be a great start for my build (oh i will have that bike)


  24. Hugh says:

    The guys at Lowbrow are some of the fastest damn shippers out there, and Im impatient, so they get my business…

    Just picked up a bike to work on, and the owner had 3-4 boxes of Lowbrow stuff, I was happy….

  25. Jake says:

    Love the sight and all the different ways the bikes turnout fan of lowbro too everybody keep up the good work

  26. Kevin says:

    Lowbrow is the best!!! Great guys to do business with and great products for your XS!!! This site has got me hooked on Xs650s and since I have buit my first hardtail 650, I wanna push my friggin` Ninja off the head of the wharf!!!

  27. Rusty Nutz says:

    They want to send me to a free bar?

    Oh you mean handlebars.

    Never mind.

  28. hoosierduckman says:

    I need some bars….I hope I’m not too late

  29. toe. says:

    why am i thinking about new bars when i cant even get my engine running yet? priorities. must have priorities….. =(

  30. Jeff says:

    I’m at this site daily … don’t talk much … I’ll try more!

  31. chevy53 says:

    im in. those bars are sweet

  32. coby138 says:


  33. Matt says:

    Get me some dem bars!!! Ha.

  34. REEB! says:

    Gotta wait a whole month! Haha I already knew that!

  35. REEB! says:

    Oh yeah and GO BLACKHAWKS 2010 CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!

  36. Johnny Gold says:

    I’d like to try some tall bars on me new XS.

  37. PJ says:

    This site is a great inspiration and a great reference tool. Building a pair of wheels as I write this, thanks Fong Bros. I’ve been looking for some keystones and 7/8s are a B!+€h to find.

  38. Mister says:

    Ah man, now I really got to finish my bike and post up some pictures. The push is on. And I just made some bars! But switching it up every once and a while could be nice.

  39. Mr. Black says:

    Love the site. First time commenting, I guess the ad for the free stuff works. I’m in the process of building an xs bobber and I love all the pictures and ideas. I will be back to post pics once the frame is all together.

  40. Nick says:

    Just picked up my first xs project, the only thing it needs is bars! And pipes and carbs and gas cap and kickstand and lights… But bars would help!

  41. PigsRiggs says:

    Just got my first motorcycle (xs) because of this site and with absolutely “zero” mechanical knowledge in any form I have started taking apart and chopping on my own. Hope it actually runs when I’m done with it.

  42. J-C says:

    I love this style of bike, but I can’t come to grips to chop and hack my bike as it is in pretty good shape for a somewhat stock 77. Everytime I visit this site, it makes my want to do stuff to my bike, but again as before can’t do it. I like seeing the different styles posted….as I’m sick of seeing the boring sportster tanks flat black paint jobs. I’m a big fan of the XS but it’s getting more and more popular each day, but the same bikes are popping up all the time, same color, same rigid tail, same tank, same forward controls….this bike posted here is what I like about personnalizing a bike all is different on it you can tell the person that did this bike wanted something different which is what I enjoy looking on this site….a totally different build. I enjoy this site alot and no offence to people who enjoy the same items I don’t like to see on a fabbed XS…the definition of custom, in my view is a bike that is not similar to others. Thanks for the site and what the hell those bars would look good on my bike I would make an exception swallow my pride and modify it.

  43. kenb says:

    I have enjoyed this site myself often and the collective creativity of the fella who is sitting dreaming, drooling, and putting those dreams to reallity can be greatly inspired by looking at this site because of the originallity of the home built choppa and those whom choose to make it a buisness, just the cost alone {inexpensive} of being able to build and ride something cool or badass or whatever it is and has been a passion of mine since childhhood and yes codos to the guys who do comment and ingage in the disscustion on the board for others to read and outside of this forum, I know I have.
    Living large, dragin knuckle choppa fool, hell yea. Ken

  44. ludwig says:

    I just picked up an xs650 that’s been hardtailed yesterday! It needs a lot of love, but sites like this will keep me going through the thick and thin. thanks and keep it up!

  45. Deez says:

    If I win the bars are going on a CB360!

  46. Capt_Zoom says:

    Anybody else having problems with the craptacular service over at Mikes XS. Doesn’t return calls or emails…refuses to answer questions about his product and now the guy says…”I’m not responding to your emails anymore…I have 14,000 customers so I don’t need you.” What an A$$HAT!

    Take your money elsewhere guys Mikes XS is crap.

  47. Capt_Zoom says:

    Currently making a Bratstyle out of an ’80s-model, also have a ’77 as a project. Got the ’80 running the other night and she purrs like a kitten. Was sitting for 14 years in my neighbors garage before she gave it to me.

  48. dave3dclark says:

    Xs650 choppers rule ! \m/

  49. j.b. 69gasser says:

    Just tore down my 77 but am unsure which hardtale to use. I am a big fan of the fong bros bikes but how much longer are guys extending there hardtales? 2-5 inches? I plan to lower the forks 2.5 inches. any examples to look at would be greatly appreciated. Love the bars(especially keystones). Planned to use these bars on this build anyways but free is better. frisco style rules!_

  50. Tony M says:

    I’m rebuilding a 78′ Special. This would be the only time i’d voluntarily be behind bars, biltwell bars.

  51. wally says:

    hey lowbrow,

    i hope im not to late to compete in the contest.
    but id like the one on the right if i win 😉

    regards wally

  52. JET36 says:

    These guys rock. Just mounted my Keystone 7/8″ that i got from you guys. They are bad ass! Say hi to kyle, i owe him some tequila or something for helping me out.

  53. Paul says:

    I’m a fan of the site, the builds, and the creative people behind this whole metric movement! I’m waiting on my Ardcore frame, should be here any day and I’ll keep coming back for inspiration/ideas!

    Good luck everyone!

  54. Scott says:

    been riding bikes since i was about seven (30 years), typical started on dirt bikes etc, etc, etc. started riding harleys in 96 and got my softail in 97, which i still have. got turned on to your site about a month ago, like what i saw, and whalah i have an 1980xs tore down to the frame, and shaved my first set of forks this week. spending more time working on the xs than riding my softail. thanks for the site. keep up the good work.

  55. Bo says:

    Bikes, Blood, and rock&roll.

  56. Manny says:

    I also love there HOW-TO’s

  57. Kevin says:

    A set of keystones would be nice!!!

  58. Darren says:

    this is the perfect chance to get some wicked bars for my xs build. i bought a xs650 in Feb, and just moved to my new home and its been a bitch getting time to work on the bike. but now i got everything situated and the tear down has began. i hope i get the chance to sport some of your kick ass bars!

  59. I want to second what Alex said…This Website is the Gathering Place for The Renaissance and The Resistance….
    ………On This Website I am seeing Machinist, and Welders, Fabricators, Artists,and Engineers, who are not going to let a Good Thing die, or be Buried Alive…Or a Legend take less than it’s Rightful Place…
    And I am seeing guys in t-shirts and bluejeans all over the world who are not going to let plastic covers and tin shrouds and spagetti piles of hoses and wires and computer modules and hollow boxes and government regulations keep them from getting thier OWN hands on something REAL…- That Rightfully Belongs To THEM…
    …..And I am seeing young people who have had SO MUCH taken away from THEM….- saying…”Wait…- Hang on a second…- I dont want that TAKEN AWAY from me…..- I WANT THAT BACK…..”
    ……….I want to say THANKS to EVERYONE on this Website…-If you agree with me, I am glad…- if you Tolerate me I appreciate it…- and if you dont like me…- that’s okay too, – Just Keep Building XS’s…

  60. Ryan says:

    A comment

  61. lil jon says:

    havent figured out how to load pics of my nineteen 80 xs 650 chopper. built by myself and a couple friends help. first bike. really like the site. like it better if i win them bars!!!! ha. take it easy. lil jon. texas

  62. Earz says:

    Kudos to lowbrow.

    I love this site, but don’t comment much. It’s a great repository of thousands of good ideas to get the wheels spinning in my head. I’d been checking out the site months before I got my XS. I’m currently in the early stages of my first build and have another frame that will be my next project. I’ll continue to browse and try to comment more often.

  63. Travis Dodson says:

    i have a 75 xs650 im workin on.. i could realy use the bars!!

  64. Hoss says:

    Hey guy’s ..Im new to the site..i think its great..just got my 1st XS..actually traded my ironhead sportster for it!! and i love it ..its the coolest thing i have ever ridden…but now im gonna get to work and make it “my own”..Ill send in pics of it now and when i get my work done on it…Ill definately be looking for input along the way..thanks too all ahead of time and ride safe

  65. chad says:

    My friend is building a XS650 and I have a 2010 Harley Forty Eight. I love LowBrow stuff! I want some drag bars or maybe some mini apes for my Forty Eight! Custom LowBrow bars would look great on my bike!

  66. REEB! says:

    Never seen this many posts.

  67. David says:

    Absolutely love this site! I’m in the middle of a bratstyle build myself and this site is invaluable to me for not only inspiration, seeing all the great things the readers have done with their own bikes, but also for the technical information on everything from lacing wheels, frame fabrication, lowering shocks, electrical, etc. Incredible site with incredible folks helping each other out! Let’s keep the site going!

  68. Ted says:

    @ REEB – Only like .03% of total visitors to this site end up leaving a comment at all!

    @ Hoss- It’s great to see some new people down with the site and what were doing..

    Hope guys realize that commenting on any post on the entire site makes you eligible to win. You don’t just have to leave a comment here..

  69. NoNic says: is were to can contact me when you pull my name out of the hat…………………

  70. cooter says:

    Low Brow is the very best!! Pick me, Pick me!!

  71. Tim says:

    You should always have handlebars on your bike!

  72. chad says:

    83…..thats impressive

  73. Kalle says:

    Ever since i stumbled upon this site, I come back on a regular basis and get amazed at how cool creations you all make of your 650s..
    Keep it up.

  74. Kalle says:

    and those keystone bars make me wanna get naked.

  75. Idaho chad says:

    damn. i was a bit late on this one. haha. make sure the bars go to someone who needs em bad.

  76. chevy53 says:

    im thinking the window bars will go sweet with my XS build

  77. JungleBiker says:

    Hey I love coming to this site for inspiration. I especially like the bobbers and the flat trackers, but what I LOVE most about the XS is the fact that they can still be built for cheap. I keep thinking that XS650’s prices are going to skyrocket any minute, but they don’t, and I love it.

    I’m in the planning stages for an XS650 powered dual purpose/adventure bike. I’ve got the engine, and have got most of the electrical system upgrades done, (Banshee flywheel, 600 Ninja stator, Mr. Riggs adapter, Pamco ignition), and am thinking about how I want to do my frame. Those tracker bars might be really cool on that bike.

    This is the first time I’ve commented, so your plan to get more comments is working, hahahaha!

  78. Brian says:

    What do women and harley-davidsons have in common?
    they both leak a little when you get off them. haha lowbrow rocks!!!

  79. Max says:

    Visit this site a lot first time to comment.Built my first xs650 in 1973, back you had to make everything yourself. Built close to a dozen since. Currently building a yamaha virago with a ridge frame no struts a real ridge frame. Those biltwells would look good but I made some one inch z’s. O wait I’ve got two 650’s in my back yard,mmmm…….

  80. Tyler says:

    I hope I win those bars 🙂 Nah I hope whoever wins is stoked though!

  81. tadd442 says:

    I also appreciate that Ted doesn’t sell out to pop-up advertisers and other annoying b.s. like that…just honest ads that WE select when WE would like to see them!

    @Ryan…….clever post.

  82. JW says:

    I love coming here to look at sick bikes.

  83. neoman says:

    Great Job…I’ll take the Keystones please!

    Thanks for the hard work Ted and the Chop Gods!

  84. Sharkbait66 says:

    “Where would we be without the agitators of the world attaching the electrodes of knowledge to the nipples of ignorance?!”

    Dick in “Third Rock From The Sun”

  85. BigJimmyW13 says:

    yeah go ahead and sign me up for a set of those Z bars!! Just let me know when to give you my address haha. I love free stuff!

  86. josh says:

    Add me to the list of entries.. I’m still putting my XS together. It was a winter project but I ran out of money. Blew most of my tax refund on parts (some from lowbrow customs). Right now I’m scraping the cash together to replace the stator. Once that’s done I’ll be posting some photos here.

    Oh, & I’m a huge fan of the site. I don’t comment much but I check religiously EVERY day for new postings. This site is the reason I chose to build an xs650.. Keep up the good work. cheers!

  87. Tebo says:

    Whatever year, whatever style, Bob, Chop,Brat, Cafe, (my favorite) Rat, or no style. It’s your monster, doctor. You bring it to life, control it, make it yours and yours alone. No matter what anyone else thinks, who cares ? You ride it, not them. As long as it takes to build, what you can or can’t spend, ITS ALIVE!!! Nothing else is an Xs650, and nothing else is Xs650chopper.

  88. bradshaw says:

    I check this website about once a day. don’t comment much tho….

  89. 1980xsMike says:

    First let me say I love this site. Putting together a 1980 Xs650 chop right now. These bikes rock and there cheap as hell to put together !! I’ve got alot of idea”s from here. Keep posting pic of these cool chops.

  90. Kevin says:

    I was in Oceanside Monday and saw a black van with bright green “Lowbrow Customs” pasted on it’s side. I wanted to flip a bitch, as I was heading in the opposite direction, and was going to honk and wave… but wasn’t sure who was driving. Didn’t want them to think I was gay for them, haha!

    Keep up the good work, guys. Love the site and Lowbrow!

  91. JungleBiker says:

    Hey what’s with the kickstarter on that XS400 bobber? Is it that way on purpose or did the return spring break?

    I like the rear tire and those keystone bars look pretty good on there. There’s something about the tank that doesn’t look quite right to me, but it’s hard to be sure what it is from that angle.

  92. 5Akers says:

    A new set of bars would go great with my “in progress” 1973 Yamaha chop!

  93. slowride says:

    Love the bars, Love this site, Just dug up two xs650’s from a barn out in the woods. Real easy to find just went 3 miles past the gates of hell and turned left! Really enjoy checkin out the site for ideas on mine but not ready to post any pics yet. A friend of mine asked me to help him build a hardtail for his ’74 sl350 honda, since I have a machine shop he figured I could fabricate anything……
    anyway, long story short his has turned out pretty cool and he hooked me up with the two in the barn through another buddy. Been choppin and thinkin, and watchin this site, and changin my mind, and choppin some more, and well you guys know the routine 🙂
    Gotta love this stuff!!!

  94. REEB says:

    Now i see the purpose of the comp at .03% comment rate. I guess I never look at a site counter if there is one? cause Im too busy drooling on bikes!

  95. malloy says:

    a set of new biltwell bars would look great on my brat build..

  96. Tech7 says:

    First, that bikes not an XS650, but a 400 like my brother bought new in 1980..I like the tank though, anyway…Hmm…interesting….lots of ass-kissing going on….I don’t have any biltwell stufff…. tend to make my own….I got nothin’…Can I have free stuff now?

  97. Nicke H says:

    AAAAHHH… I want new handlebars for my XS650, didn´t have cash enough when i made an order at LOWBROW…..Pick me…..

  98. Nicke H says:

    The bike looks sweet, but the handlebars would look even sweeter on my bike 😉

  99. Mark MacPherson says:

    The bike look wicket ! Yes the bars are cool ,but the tank & seat work will with the bars. Biltwell bars made exclusively for British and Metric motorcycle is a great idea ! The the Chumps 8 in black would look great on my 78 Gold Wing. The Trackers or the Keystone would look good on my xs650 that I ‘m put in a plunger frame.That you can check on my face book page.All the bars great & if I don’t win this contest I my buy them in the further when I get some cash built up.Man more then wining this contest I love to bike !I bet it a sweet ride !
    Take Care

  100. Mark MacPherson says:

    the last sentence was I love to ride the bike. Missed the out on putting that word ride in,lol.

  101. Hoss says:

    I just wanted to say I think TEBO said it best..right on!! its YOUR ride!!

  102. Will says:

    Sweet Lowbrows is the sh@t!

  103. Will says:

    Oh I dont care to win I make my own bars! But If I do I will give them to a poor friend of mine.

  104. dave says:

    gimme…im poor

  105. brian says:

    I bought one of the new shirts. Every time I wear it people ask me if its a triumph, I’m like no its a yamaha xs650. What’s that they ask so I tell the to check out this website. I’m building a 79 xs650 I gotten so many ideas from here that I have a hard time deciding which ones I want to use or like the best! So I just going to do more than one bike that way I can use all my have ideas. Hope to have mine done soon so I can post my own pics and see that poeple think about it. Have fun and ride hard!!

  106. Bob says:

    ive gotta say that this site inspired me to build an xs650. its my first bobber ever. i will never go back to sportbikes. i plan on sending pics of my bike when i finish painting it. i was shocked on how awesome some of these bikes are on the site. thanks to my motorcycle life was born again. thanks again for the site everyone keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

  107. justin says:

    i got sum welded up old schwinn bars on my bike, they look great but im gonna die as they are very thin and flimsy, please help lowbrow.hahahah this site is awesome just to look and read about others expierences.keep up the good work everyone

  108. z says:

    building my first bobber with a buddy. we’ve got two matching xs650s that we paid less than a $100 each for! i need me them there bars!

  109. Yeah. It’s nice to have a few quality chopper parts guys out there. Lowbrow is the modern day AEE.

  110. reynoldburton says:


    I think some misunderstood – you can comment on every post on this side for winning a nice handlebar!! 🙂

  111. Lanzalones says:

    Guess what?! I got a fever, and the only prescription… is more Biltwell! I need more Biltwell! More Biltwell! Im gonna want the Biltwell on this track!

  112. ChrisGaskin says:

    I have purchased parts from LowBrow Customs and always get great service. Keep up the great work.

  113. Buck Owens says:

    slick lookin bars, count me in

  114. REEB! says:

    Can we draw early?

  115. JesC says:

    As well as more people commenting i want to see more people posting there projects. I know there are people out there that come to this site all the time and don’t post there own xs. Even though your bike is not done it would be nice to see projects in process. It would also be cool for people to say where they are from in there posts. Thanks for all the good work Ted.

  116. Will says:

    Who won, did I win? I dont really wanna win, but it would be cool.

  117. JesC says:

    Come on, just pick me already! I can visualize my bike with those black keystone bars on it and it looks so good!

  118. Dead Ed says:

    funny story…on my search for the perfect bike for the perfect price is how I found this site could not afford the usual high end bikes cam accrossed the kikker 5150 check it out and was like it would be fun and looked cool….then started to search for the bobber of my dreams and that is when I found the xs650…..I was amazed once I found this site seeing how many different directions you could go with this bike…so now two bikes later and a ton of ebay found parts I am on my way to that dream bike and possibly two! and all for less than the cost of a kikker 5150….no disrespect for those that have those but the xs650 is where its at for me! I may not comment a ton but I do say when I like something! there are a bunch of really cool bikes on here and hope to soon have mine on here as they are in the works! and of course these bars would be a sick addition oh and with the last bike I got I scored a biltwell pipeset still in the box!! soooo lets see what happens next and how my luck goes what the hell! DEAD ED in TEXAS! also if there is anyone in the dallas area thats down get at me! may need help and am willing to help as well!! lets get on the rode and ride!!

  119. JonathonD says:

    What ever happened to teebs? I didn’t think you meant to post on this page but to comment on some other bikes? Oh well I’ll post here for a chance aswell as post on some other bikes. Cheers

  120. Haziq says:

    My first impression on the bike was like Whoa. yea.. So anyway.. to me it’s a nice lookin’ bike but looks too “still in progress” much to me. Nice pinstripe on the seat, nice bars (looks like the lowbrow’s) i wouldve gone with a wide front and rear whitewalls though.

  121. Daniel says:

    I dig the keystone. 🙂

  122. Jessica says:

    Yea baby free handlebars!

  123. Shawn Dennis says:

    Dear Lowbrow,
    My comment is a question.. you sell weld on hardtails, but do you make a weld on drop seat hardtail and if so how mutch $$$$?.?.?.? Love, Shawn D.

  124. Jed Kemsley says:

    I have a 1979 xs650 that is about to go under the sawzall and get a weld-on hardtail… the problem is i’m 6’3 and 300 lbs. and don’t want to look like a monkey on a football when it’s all done. It’s my first hardtail project and i need to find out what amount of stretch up & out to make it the right size for me… that’s my question? plus i’d like a frisco’d sporty tank & either z-bars or bent t-bars…Thanks, Jed K.

  125. Frank says:

    Will these bars fit on my huffy???

  126. Benny Jett says:

    so im builing a frame jig to start builing a bike handle bars would be sweet

  127. Timmy says:

    I need those ones named after the cheap beer.

  128. REEB! says:

    Two more days

  129. Lanzalones says:

    C’mon Ted! Ill make you proud with a sweet build, but I need more biltwell!!!! More biltwell!!!!

  130. JesC says:

    I cant wait tell i win tomorrow!!! My wiring is waiting on what handlebars i get…. 🙂

  131. ron watkins says:

    Hiya,I bought a 1981 xs 650 special II off a coworker for fifty bucks
    plus a title.It has been sittin since 1999.It needs alot but guess what
    it fired up after all those years of neglect?I thought about just fixin it up abit and makin some $ but after seeing the chopped version of
    the xs im inspired to strip x all down and make her standout!With
    a little help from this site..I think i can do it!…

  132. rondawg says:

    Hiya,Can someone give me a guesstimate on how much $ it will cost
    to make a hardtail chopper out of a stock xs 650? Thanx!

  133. Manny says:

    AND THE WINNER IS (DRUM ROLL)………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….ME MUAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  134. REEB! says:

    Do I get to pick my bars yet????

  135. JesC says:

    Sorry REEB there going to be mine!!

  136. jerm says:

    tracker handlebars for me, please.

  137. Ted says:

    Congratulations to Rusty Nutz..

    I’ll forward your e-mail to Tyler at lowbrow. Then you can tell him what set of handlebars you want for your motorcycle.

    Thanks to everybody who decided to take a minute and leave comments on the site.. And, again thanks to Tyler at lowbrow..

  138. Pickles says:

    Just picked up an xs650 2 days ago and am ditching the sissy bar, signals, electric start, pretty much everything that just plain weighs it down! Next up, buying parts and welding a hardtail!

  139. shawn says:

    congrats rusty…even tho i’m jealous…

  140. Rusty Nutz says:

    Now I’m embarrassed.

    Thank you so much. I’ve had my eye on the window bars for some time now. In these troubled times, I’ll take a little good luck. There’s so many good posters and so many deserving guys and great finished builds and bikes underway on this site. I refer to it all the time for design ideas.

    Everybody make sure you look through the Lowbrow site for parts for your build.

  141. Chad The Glass Guy Clewis says:

    Whats up yammy fanatics! My father back in ’81 bought a 650 brand new. Lucky enough he hung on to it for all these years. about a year ago we were talking and he said he would like for me to have the bike. I took it with no argument as I enjoed every second I was on the rear of that bike when I was a kid. I have started Hardtailing
    it and just want to do something with it that makes people say wow!
    Pop’s is even excited to her once I am done with her. This bike was definately a blast when I was a kid…Can’t wait to see the fun we will get when shes complete!

  142. tadd442 says:

    After looking back at the comments….I believe the best choice was made.

  143. Tebo says:

    Ted’s gotta still be kickin ’bout this many hits! And don’t drink and type.

  144. Ryan Blanchard says:

    AM I TOO LATE???

  145. Brian says:

    xs650s rule the world!