Chad’s ’79 hippster lil’ scoot


I decided that i needed to look more like Peter Fonda out of his late 1960’s movie’s like the Wild Angles and Easy Rider, So i decided to build this bike. It has a 6″ over DNA springer, with a 80 spoke 21″ front wheel and floting disk brake.



I  hardtailed the fraim and put i nice old 1960’s pain head chopper seat on it to give it the old chopper look. I also found that cool sissy bar too. I just wish it was 2′ taller!!!. The gas tank is off an old triumph chopper, but it was modelled after a sportster tank. the engine is all stock and running strong!!! This is a real fun bike and i ride it almost every day, hope ya like it!

Chad Burford


  1. Don says:

    Looks cool, bet its comfy. Get that motor and rear wheel cleaned up, maybe some filter or stacks to match how new the rest of the bike looks.

  2. REEB! says:

    Sweet seat! I think I would do something different with the bars

  3. tadd442 says:

    dig it!…reminds me of the new “bing” commercial…..

  4. chevy53 says:

    well you deffinetly got the old skool look.

  5. armand says:

    awesome chopper man . its beatyfull!!

  6. Damn I loved that movie, – Wild Angels…- You pegged it good on early 70’s look…

  7. Any extra rake on the frame? looks pretty stock.

  8. JonathonD says:

    Awesome bike! I love the look of it, very retro! I wouldn’t change a thing that looks perfect!!