This bike was built as a surprise fathers day present for a friend of mine. His wife came to me about 2 months ago and wanted me to find and build a bike to be given to him for Fathers Day. I found the bike up in Oregon and got to work. First thing first I cut the frame in half and welded on a TC bros hardtail, then the motor went off to Power Curve Performance to be gone through and get new gaskets.


I cut the wheels apart and had the hubs and rims powder coated and I laced a 21 into the front. The rear fender is a blank front fender that I cut down, standard axed gas tank on top. I built 3 sets of bars until I came up with these ones, I mounted the risers upside down that way I could get the bars to sit nice and low.



I got the bike all done with 2 days to spare until Fathers Day, the bike got delivered on time and I still think Lance is in disbelief that it is actually his. What a cool fathers day present huh?

Ryan Schuppert

“Black Mamba” by Cannonball Custom Cycles

Cannonball Custom Cycles


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