78xs650in progress,, sporty tank, shortened exhaust 8″, chopped and shaved all extra tabs, ungrounded the brushes, battery box is hidden under the swingarm, xs650-chop-noid-bbbbbbbddd_copy

electric start by keyswitch, drag bars, custom welded seat bars, solo seat diamond stitch, new mags and tires soon, tucked factory fender, limp tail light, billet headlight, more to come….

mark brettrager


  1. chris says:

    nice brat! i have a build similar? where are these brat bikes putting their batteries? i know they run super small ones but… wait is that it below the swingarm? any advice would help.

  2. chevy53 says:

    cool brat. the battery is mounted right under the swingarm mounts, you can see the bottom of it hanging out under the pipes

  3. mark brettrager says:

    Yes. this is a full size motorcycle battery underneath, there is much more to come with this but i was excited to share it on the site so hopefully the end result looks nice. i wanted to make it look like a one off.

  4. REEB! says:

    Brats next on the list. Gonna see how cheap I can build one. So fare I have 150 in to it and its a complete bike!

  5. mark brettrager says:

    this is about half way done. new mags, tires, paint, polish, shocks, paint, and pouch under the seat on the way and maybe new bars,

  6. t-bone stalone says:

    note the bmx foot pegs, I’ve seen pics of this bike with the seat mounted, it’s a VERY gnarly bike. top notch fabs.

  7. Capt_Zoom says:

    Please post some more pics and info of your battery setup. My wife is builder her own brat and we’re trying to find a good place for the battery while still maintaining the starter for her. Going to be tough. What battery did you use? Also did you buy or make those pipes?

  8. mark brettrager says:

    my uncle welded the ends onto the factory pipes. battery is any old 40 dollar motorcycle battery..

  9. Sean from boston. says:

    I’m really interested in how you did the metal work under the seat thats exactly what i’m looking to do for my 650

  10. mark brettrager says:

    i bought some 7/8 tube steel, bent it on a pipe bender, then welded it onto the frame where i chopped and grinded it down. it took some time too. had to fit the 7/8 tubing into the rear frame bars.

  11. mark brettrager says:

    i have new pics coming soon

  12. norm younger says:

    Cool bike its got a cool f#ck it look.