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mommys little monster



Write about your XS650.: This bike started out as a stock 78′ it had an oil leak at the base gasket so i pulled the top end off and went through it. The frame was brought to an ol biker named “oil” not far from where i live in louisiana who came highly recommended by many and i couldnt have asked for a better job. Continue Reading →

“Black Thunder” by Cannonball Custom Cycles



This bike was built as a surprise fathers day present for a friend of mine. His wife came to me about 2 months ago and wanted me to find and build a bike to be given to him for Fathers Day. I found the bike up in Oregon and got to work. First thing first I cut the frame in half and welded on a TC bros hardtail, then the motor went off to Power Curve Performance to be gone through and get new gaskets. Continue Reading →

new project rescue



Found this 1981 XS650 in Western North Carolina and actually turned it down the first 3 times I looked at it. It just seemed way to messed up to bother with. The guy who owned it tried to hardtail it o n his own with apparently no experience at all. Continue Reading →

Chrome Dome Bobber



It started life as a 79 I aquired from a salvage yard, I checked the motor over good and couldent find any problems so I went at the frame with the sawzall. Im putting it back together as a mock up to finish up with welding and mounting. Continue Reading →

Chad’s ’79 hippster lil’ scoot



I decided that i needed to look more like Peter Fonda out of his late 1960’s movie’s like the Wild Angles and Easy Rider, So i decided to build this bike. It has a 6″ over DNA springer, with a 80 spoke 21″ front wheel and floting disk brake. Continue Reading →

NEW xs 650 carburetor diaphragms



JBM Industries is making these Carburetor Diaphragms for Mikuni BS38, BS36, and BS34 CV constant velocity carburetors. This pair of Yamaha TX or xs 650 carburetor diaphragms fits Mikuni BS38 CV constant velocity carbs.  Made way aircraft quality rubber so they will last. JBM “TSR” Compound.

Step by step Instructions on how to clean your Mikuni BS38, BS36, and BS34 CV constant velocity carburetors.