Updates on the schwinn


Write about your XS650.: The schwinn is getting closer and closer… as time allows as well as my blue bike I am keeping not to mention customers rides they want modified. Frame is painted,engine is back in,seat and bars are on the way(the ones on it are similar) lots of little things to do like fenders underseat fuel tank, carb rebuild,custom pipes and a bunch I am forgetting. noid-P4290866



I would like to get 2600 dollars for it and start on another maybe weirder bike,,, who knows what will be next. I’ts nice to hear people are open to different kinds of bikes cuz after all aren’t we trying to do custom bikes?



  1. Blackwidow says:

    Cool bike the handle bars reminds me of a beach cruiser

  2. Bodhi says:

    26 sounds about right as I’ve likely got that much into mine.

    Are you gonna put spoke wheels on the “Schwinn Bike”

  3. R.C says:

    can we vote on what wheels to use? I vote for the mags think they look tough.

  4. jesus says:

    I like spokes since we are voting .

  5. Bruce reed says:

    Before I started this bike I had a pair of spoke rims. I sold them to a guy who later decided not to pay for them. Lives far away. Live and learn. Kept putting off paying with excuse after excuse untill he got angry with me for bugging him. I think he’s in over his head with money or something so he can keep em.

  6. Bruce reed says:

    selling the bike as is for 1200. Don’t have any time to finish it and I have another xs that I would like to ride this summer before it gets cold again. I am also spending allot of time out of the country working so there’s no way for me to finish it.

  7. norm younger says:

    i like the alloys