Write about your XS650.:So this is the new and improved scoot.  i sent in pics a while back and had done a quick chop at the time.  but something was missing, i just couldn’t figure it out.  i kept looking and realized the bike didn’t flow, it just didn’t look right.  


I’m all about a 70’s style chop but that’s just not me.  so i swapped out the tank for a wassell, through some black club mans, a 1/4 turn magura throttle and a different headlight.  when i took a step back i said “YES” there it is.  this is the kind of bike that i know and love.  its low, lean and you would be amazed at how much difference a 1/4 turn throttle makes.



xs650 long sleeve
xs650 mug
xs650 tanktop
xs650 Bandana