the 81 is done ( the long purple monster


Write about your XS650.: Here it is runs good but needs a little carb work pics don’t show gold flake & pearls but so far not to many hickups keep the rubber side down, later.







  1. Ted says:

    Man, I love this bike… The long front ends looks so freaking cool. Some longer exhaust with some fish-tales might be the cherry. I don’t know, It is a badass bike.. Thanks for sending in the pictures.

  2. Yep, sick. I’m wanting to do a long bike next. What’s the rake on that throbbing purple monster?

  3. mike says:

    hey thanks on comments its a 4 in. stretch in down tubes witch made the rake 48 degrees front end is 14 in. longer than stock front end

  4. Freedombiker says:

    Great retro- cycle. I agree, the front end is spectacular. Nice job.

  5. mike says:

    this bike is for sell for next project $2800 dont know e mail well so please write a comment with # bike located in spokane wa.

  6. Colin McBright says:

    Hi. I really love your bike and would like to build one that looks similar. Have you used a custom made frame, or have you adapted a standard frame? Many thanks

  7. tim says:

    the old style chopper look will always be my favorite, looks great