“PorchMunky” my Xs650 Chopper almost done


Whats up folks ,this is my bike ive been working on for a little while.Its a 78-Xs650 with some mild changes,as you can tell i have no garage so its getting built in my porch. Still not finished buts its getting there,im going for a sweet 70’s skinny frico style chopper,


just a few more things to finish like the seat rails getting dropped and curved,change the bars to some skinny friscos  , get my pipes welded up then paint the tins.. Almost ready to ride it soon as i get the front brake workin.



Enjoy i’ll have more to come very soon.



  1. bykerbrad says:

    My girlfriend would have my balls in a wood chipper if I had my bike in the living room! Looks great man, coming along quite nicely.

  2. murph says:

    looks good man

  3. Steve says:

    Looking good man !!!

  4. tom says:

    love the lights!

  5. Lefty says:

    Looking good Alan. I’m really digging that springer, i don’t see enough of them on XS’s and I think they look awesome. The pink, angelic shaped wall treatment suggests to me that perhaps a women lives in this dwelling with you. If that is the case then you are either defining the phrase “dedication to ones craft” or have one laid back babe. In either case, nice work using the space you have. Keep us updated.

  6. Alan says:

    Thanks guys,laid back she is as long as i don’t get floor dirty.Well its ridable ,Springers are awesome but do need a little getting use to compared to the stock suspension. In a few days its getting a major change,,tearing it down and using all the goods in a hardtailed frame. Gonna take my time on it to get it done nice and have me a sick chopper .

    Ill post something soon with the finished version

  7. Ben says:

    tres pimp you better ride the shat outta that thing once you getter goin

  8. REEB! says:

    Hard tail all the way. I ride a ridgid Springer and it is an experience let me tell you! Who needs a front brake!

  9. Blackwidow says:

    can’t hate on a porch build you got to do what you got to do I prefer the backyard boogie but thats just me LOL

  10. Smithy says:

    Hot lookin ride man… wtf is that springa off please.
    Is it a stock available item?
    Grouse stuff, stay at it bb.. Smithy

  11. Sean from boston says:

    Wow I wish I could see a shot of this thing finished

  12. norm younger says:

    awesome absolutley love it.