Old Crow, on the rocks


I asked the bikini co-ed if she wanted to pose for the pics…she declined.

Instant cool, just add water…or…. riding down the road with a woody so big, people think you have a jockey shift. This was my first full chop and I wanted predictable results. I wasn’t concerned with how many Harley tanks have been seen on these pages since the Crow is the only one like it for fifty miles. Now don’t misunderstand as some of the “outside the box”  projects turn into Picasso’s but hey sometimes they turn into “WTF’S”.

That being said, a TC Bros frame and the Sporty tank was the way to go for me. As for some of the other nuts and bolts…

The front rim is an excel 2.1-19 w/ a 110-90-19 tire.That seemed as wide as I could go w/ stock trees. The forks were shaved and the back rim is from a Honda 350 laced  up to the stock hub. Thank the Fongs for that little  adventure, although I’m happy with the results. ( I talked myself into that one after reading their stuff)


The seat is a larosa 13″ wide arse hugger and very comfortable. The risers, taillight , turns and other assorted bolt-ons were from e-bay and Mikes.

I did fab the forward controls, elec box, sissy bar , bat box and a handful of other brackets and stuff just to put my own signature on this project.
I’ve now got 2k on the speedo with no major problems  and she runs great but I will say, be careful using butt connectors on the wiring as i was left stranded due to a loose connection.

So there you have it. And for the record, I asked the bikini co-ed if she wanted to pose for the pics…she declined. Doesn’t matter, I’m still smiling.




  1. tadd442 says:

    I agree with your view of choppers in general….by the way, nice ride.

  2. Bodhi says:

    which view was that, the jockey shift or the WTF’s…

  3. HiHank says:

    There are definitely a lot of Harley tanks being used but they tend to look good on these bikes. I see “old Crow” on the side of your Harley tank which looks good by the way.

  4. Denis (fong bros) says:

    Glad the article was helpful. Nice work.

  5. Bodhi says:

    Thanks guys

  6. Blackwidow says:

    good work and looks like you took a ride to a nice place to take pics or it’s right out your backyard and your even luckier

  7. Bodhi says:

    The river…. its a few miles from the house and a favorite hangout for the college kids. They do tube rentals in the summer.
    I however got lucky about 20 yrs ago and have been married ever since. snicker

  8. tadd442 says:

    Both…mostly the WTF’s… Until I get better at it, I will go with predictable results, and add a spin to personalize it…predictable is popular for a reason.

  9. Bodhi says:

    I’d agree….on deciding how to handle this project, I simply looked at everyone else’s results and modeled mine after some of those. As time and the build goes on, you throw a few of your own Ideas into the mix.

    Frankly though, a genuinely different style like say the boardtracker or live free or death machine requires skills and equipment I simply don’t have. Mostly the equipment. There’s also budget issues.

    so If none of these were a concern, my absolute dream bike would be a raked out, fat front tire rigid build aka exile cycles. and who knows, that project may be somewhere up the road.

    untill then, we modify our dreams to suit reality.

  10. Bodhi says:

    one example of this is the paint. I used preval spray units and two part auto enamel. The preval units allows you to mix in a hardener but also goes on really thick. They don’t atomize the paint very well. However I didn’t want to buy a compressor and gun as the budget then goes up. So with the preval sprayed on super thick and w/ a bit of peel , I then started sanding w/ 600 grit. Just don’t rub too hard. The Crow decal is from signorama who can digitally reproduce any pic onto vinyl. This to give the basic black finish some pop, and easier than airbrush.

  11. Nice build but being an airbrush guy I have to say “Vinyl is for your house not for your ride !!!” Is that a digital speedo/tach and if so who makes it and how much?

  12. norm younger says:

    very nice.