New to me xs650


This is a 1980 xs650 I recently picked up. I haven’t documented what I’ve done so far but here’s how it looks now.



I only came across the first xs650 chop I’d ever seen about 3 months ago. I can’t believe what I’ve been missing. It’s not done by any means and I’ll do my best to keep updating.



Kirk Bassingthwaighte


  1. Ron says:

    hey man cool bike, long and smooth.. is that a tail you built or g&l mabye? anyway good job…

  2. chris says:

    nice build! i like seeing the stock tank. i’m curious on how you dropped the forks in the trees??? i have a 79, it doesn’t seem to be possible?? i like the way you dropped them instead of the disassembly and cut method.

  3. kirk bassingthwaighte says:

    If anyone can tell me where this frame came from I would appreciate it. It’s not a hardtailed job, it’s a custom frame. Does anyone know?

  4. Matt says:

    that almost looks like a harley frame. is it?

  5. chevy53 says:

    that looks like an xs frame to me. cool lookin bike exept for that square oil tank and chain guard.

  6. norm younger says:

    cool bike. nice and low. i like the frame.