dsmiller’s first ride

dsmiller502 — May 23, 2010 — 78 yamaha xs650 bobber first ride.


  1. kenb says:

    noticed the key tag amazing what a fella can do with a few years me to turnin 14 Be Well, Ken B

  2. Blackwidow says:

    Looks like fun I can’t wait to ride again

  3. Dirka says:

    thanks to whoever posted my video. i will get a full post up soon so i can tell you all about the bike.

    kenb, what are u trying to say???

    blackwidow, after working on it for the last 6 mo. it was more than fun to finally ride it.

  4. hooversama says:

    put a helmet on …..so you can enjoy a few more rides…..my buddies taking a dirt nap……stay alive!

  5. Dirka says:

    dont worry mom, i got one. bike got done before the helmet did. what are ya gonna do sit there and look at the bike or are you gonna ride it?

  6. chevy53 says:

    nice bike man. sounds great

  7. Dirka says:

    thanks man, i had no idea how it would sound when i modified the pipes. it turned out better than i had hoped. glad you like it.