Bratty little bob


Write about your XS650.: Shes an 81 650 special, scored it for 500 bucks, it had been outside for who knows how long uncovered and weathered. I had been lookin to build a jap chop for a while but as we all know lack of tools and or fabrication experience makes it really hard. First i stripped it down and yanked the motor out. I wanted to get the motor done first, so i went threw the whole motor replaced the complete top end, new pistons and all that. I had to get a new head cover due to broken oil line bolts, that put a big dent in the pocket 7bucks, thanks ebay.




Threw her back together and sprayed the motor down with high temp undercoating, i took my grinder and hit the motor fins for alittle effect  I’m really happy with the out come hope it runs haha. Now the frame, I cut the neck gusset out, rear frame section out, top rails and all the other heavy useless metal on this frame out too. I wanted to set my frame up so i could keep a low stance and still have a little suspension, so I shortened the rear frame and top rails added 15 deg on the top rails and welded it. Added a new gusset and some shock mounts then got her ready for powder coating. Forks are lowered 4 inches, got a sweet springer seat with a junkyard bought fender and a real wassel tank. Heres the pics at the moment, waiting for,paint, wheels and final odds and ends i will post more later enjoy… P.S. I wrote this really late so laugh at my post.


  1. R.C says:

    I digg it!…. hope my bratty can be 1/2 as nice as this one will be

  2. Capt_Zoom says:

    What did you have to do to get that wassell tank to sit so low. Just pick one up for the wife’s chop.

  3. codog572 says:

    the tank had a really deep channel to start so i just added some tabs
    in the front and back to mount it. This tank was really hard to find,
    i could find a shallow channel replica all day long but it wouldn’t sit low. should have this thing together soon thanks for the props everyone…. BAAAARRAPPP

  4. Idaho Chad says:

    looks sick brutha. hopefully I can get down your way and we can shred when mine is done. I got a lot accomplished today so I should have her goin here real soon..

  5. REEB! says:

    Gold for the hunnies and white fir the………! Haha I like it.

  6. chris says:

    nice! i’m really diggin your bratsyle rearend. and i like the white. i’m thinkin about a similar color myself on my build. does the front forks have to be shaved to drop down in the trees? any thoughts on the honda rebel shocks? keep it up man!

  7. B... says:

    Nice…really nice… Whats the coating on the carb diaphragms and connectors plate? I’m looking for options.

  8. Chuck says:

    Love some of those colours on there! I too would like to know how you got that gold colour on the carbs and kicker and what not. Is that plated or what? Looks so awesome with that gold tint next to the side covers that are nice and shiney.

    chopper charlie

  9. codog572 says:

    all of the gold is has been done as brass plated. My plating guys are really good and cheap, new pics soon of the completed wheels, brass fork clamps and motor mounts. thanks for all the props..

  10. Sean from boston says:

    I love it, but I’ve gotta go to your junkyard haha nice yard finds

  11. norm younger says:

    Love the gold on the carbs.

  12. Dennis says:

    Very nice color contrast, really diggin the white frame. Be nice to get an update on this!