Hours of wire wheeling and polishing

This bike started with someone else’s misreable attempt at a’79 XS bobber that I picked up for $200 bucks.It had an awfull overly extended set of forks, cast wheels,and a hacked version of a softail frame.So I found a ’72 XS for $125 that had a stock front end that I used and a decent set of spoked wheels that were used (After a complete unlace and countless hours of wire wheeling and polishing).




The hardtail was fabbed by myself in my garage as well as the battery box the “oil tank” and the forward controls. All the paint and polishing was also done myself in the garage. Having said all that I have to give a shout out to my brother for basically doing all the wiring. So, there it is awsome to se all the cool shit people are doing on the site definatlly allot of Drooling, Building, Riding going on out there.

Keep up the good work.

Craig Michie

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