Angi’s xs650 bobber runs!!! Finally finished!

Finally finished! This bike is for my girl Angi.

It started out as a stock ’79. It was suppose to be a budget build, I could throw together quickly so she could ride with me last year. If you like this site as much as I do… I don’t need to explain how one thing led to another, and soon the whole budget idea got thrown out the window. So here she is, 11 months later. After I pulled the motor we dropped it off at our buddy’s shop, Thomas Racing Service, and ordered up a frame at Ardcore. I threw it together with a bunch of Harley parts I had laying around.


I knew I wanted something clean with fat tires, and a fat tank. But after dozens of pictures of the bike, with all these bolt on Harley parts…I had to agree with John at Ardcore. It looked F@#K’N goofy. So the fab work begun. I started by raising the tunnel on the tank almost 4”, and getting a rear fender on it. After that everything started falling into place, and the new ideas started to flow. I liked the simplicity of exile’s bikes.

So I put an internal throttle and twist clutch on. Take my advise. That clutch set up don’t work. It was a big waste of time, so I used a stock lever filed out to 1”. Then I did the same thing for the front brake, and flipped it upside down, to operate the BMW master cylinder under the tank. The seat is from with a Biltwell hinge. All of the electronics are inside the oiltank.  The box under the oil tank is a saddle bag to put her purse in. I could write all day about this, but I’m running out of space. So, thanks for looking.




Let me know what you think.

I have more videos posted on my youtube page bstacy55.

Thanks Ben


  1. rM says:

    Bike sounds/looks awesome!

  2. adam butterworth says:

    which ardcore frame is this..its awesome

  3. Ben says:

    Its the bobber frame they sell. The only difference is the Harley head tube. thanks

  4. Harley rear wheel? Sounds F’n LoW and loUD!

  5. tadd442 says:

    Exile is EXACTLY what I was thinking…..nice build!

  6. REEB! says:

    Damn you!!!!!!! Clutch set up! I was hoping it worked for you I really liked the idea. What ignition are u running? Stock points? Reason I ask cause I ant to hide my stock crime in a box but think it will get to hot.

  7. Ben says:

    Boyer Bransden. The module is in the oil tank, and I mounted a tab for the coil on the frame, under the tank. There is to much friction on the twist clutch. I broke the internal bearing inside the grip, the first twist I gave. You could probably get that twist clutch work if you converted to a hydraulic clutch. It wasn’t worth it to me. Sorry…I tried. If you run electronic, I don’t think you will have a problem with the heat. Plus its nice not having to deal with points.

  8. Blackwidow says:

    That rear fender is nice hell the whole bike looks great

  9. REEB! says:

    Yeah my buddy has the exile one and I didn’t WA t to spend that much money. I think for now I am going to run a standard throttle because of your story and my buddies is getting sticky. You should switch up your throttle so your g/f can ride that machine!

  10. PILKY says:

    Hey!. im in love with your bike. Great job! What kind of tires and rims are those