Write about your XS650.: Spring is here a and it is almost ready to ride. It is a 78 XS with a TC bros hard tail. Rear wheel is a Akront 3.5″ x16″ and front is from Mike’s XS, It is  19″. I drilled the front rotor because I thought it looked neat. Forward controls are from a 70’s harley sportster. Pipes are from a guy named Scott from the east coast, his work is very good.


Rear fender is a 36 ford spare tire cover. I raised the tunnel on the tank to lower the tank. It kept the bars from hitting the tank. It is tore down and being painted right now. I work in a body shop and I really hate painting my own stuff so work on it has not progressed as fast as I wish it was. I am hoping to have it on the road soon. I will post a few more pictures of it when it is complete.  Are there any more builders in South East Idaho?

Steve from Idaho

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