a sotter fae scotland


Write about your XS650.: I dont do computers much so it was just recently i came across this site, and i thought my xs would fit right in! I did all the work myself, apart from the wiring, thanks stan. I bought it as a complete dog needing a total tear down, which it promptly got.


I raked it and lowered the back to match the rake. It has a 23″front wheel and a 18″back,i think it sits just right. The engine ran like a very lumpy thing so a strip down followed, and a bent exhaust was discovered, all sorted now. Everything else was sourced from the local salvage co. It took me about 16 weeks and about £500. by the way sotter is a word from a local dialect meanig a bit of a hotch potch.

Callum Mckenzie


  1. Tebo says:

    There’s a bonnie lass for ya, (if I understand the phrase correctly). The dirtbike forks and 23″ front wheel with the rake job make it way out there. Great look! The saddle. The sissy bar. The long shot pipes. You nailed it. Well done!

  2. Idaho Chad says:

    beautiful bike!! makes me want to build a hardtail, i love it.

  3. Very Beautiful Motorcycle…- I sure like what you have done with the frame, – Raking and Lowering…- What kind of gastank is that, and where did you get it…- Also – where did you get those pipes…
    I will be studying this bike a lot…- it should be a Standard Reference…

  4. Jason Harmon says:

    Sweet ride !! I was wondering what the front wheel was off of, it looks like an old xr500 ? Or did you put it together?

  5. Ted says:

    Harry- “I sure like what you have done with the frame, – Raking and Lowering…” Me to, that’s what got me right away. It slammed and has a really really sleek profile. I dig that the headlights is just hanging out there.

  6. Rusty Nutz says:

    Hoot mun!

  7. Rusty Nutz says:

    Long may yer lum reek!

  8. Nice lines. What kind of rake is on that thing? Looks like you goose necked it? 23″ wheels r sik!

  9. Broon says:

    A stoater of a sotter!! Braw.

  10. Blackwidow says:

    I think the rake is perfect on this bike

  11. chevy53 says:

    cool bike, how are the street manners with the dirt tires?

  12. Gercino says:


  13. Callum says:

    Thanks for the great comments. Sorry I haven’t replied to anything.

    Couldn’t tell you what the gas tank is off, sorry!

    I made the pipes myself.

    The front wheel is off an XL250.

    The rake was just until it looked right…

    Thanks again – glad you like

  14. Shawn Dennis says:

    great bike dude…..

  15. theirie1 says:

    My inspiration

  16. the nevermind... says:

    sleek and sexy… great job… hope to see another from ya…

  17. Sean from boston says:

    So sick looks like a beach bike so good

  18. scott says:

    just don’t get the sissy bar… at all