1980 tracker/bobber


Write about your XS650.: I’ve been looking at trying to get a XS for years.  Never found the right deal, or the right timing.  Anyway, I picked this up last year.  I picked it up for 800$, and have put a few hundred into it.
Before winter-
Lowered w/11.5″ shocks
Cut down stock pan, and had someone re upholster the pan
Rattle canned most of the bike
Cut and re-mounted the rear fender forward
Volt gauge

This summer-
21″ front rim
5″ head light
New rear fender
Mini bullet signals
Mini apes
Rebel shocks??????
Pro taper 4″ rise bars



  1. Ted says:

    Very similar in style to my first ever xs. It’s looking good men. looking at this xs brings back some memories. Blacked-out is always a good choice for color.

  2. norm younger says:

    Clean bike.