1975 XS650 Winter Project


Update xs 650 street tracker Cycle Sports of Houston

We started out with a Rusted ’75 xs650 rolling chassis that was outside for about 16 years. Tried to keep it as cheap as possible by just refinishing, replating, and rebuilding all the stock componets and using stuff we had laying around off of other bikes.



Has Yamaha, Harley, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki as well as many custom items we built to complete the project. The pipes were built by Jemco Exhausts here in Houston, the rims and fuel cap were powder coated, everything else, paint included was done right here, paint was done outside, even the airbrushing. It was a 6 month project, we like the way it came out, hope You guys do too!



Ken Fontenot




  1. mark A says:

    it looks great , this is my kind of 650 .

  2. Tech7 says:

    Looks awesome. Fantastic work. Love all the details, colors. How’s it ride?

  3. kenb says:

    Very nice, like the detail work, hows the sound from those pipes? I would ride that any day just solid cool.

  4. REEB says:

    really digging the exhaust. would work real nice with a brat also!

  5. shotcaller says:

    Awesome bike!

  6. Ken Fontenot says:

    Thanks for the compliments guys!! We have about 100 miles on it now and It runs, rides, handles and sounds excellent. The Jemco pipes are truly a work of art and I havent heard a better sounding set of pipes on any XS650.

  7. I see so much on here that I like…- and NOTHING I dont like…
    This bike is one to study A LOT…This bike has Knockdown power from Any Angle…- Brilliant piece of work…Congratulations…I KNOW you are proud….

  8. Ken Fontenot says:

    Wanted to thank Our friend Mike Valdez who set up studio in our showroom and took the pics for us! Thanks Mike!!

  9. Fred says:

    Nice tracker !

  10. benjy says:

    perhaps the best xs I’ve ever seen.great job!

  11. meinschaft says:

    How about posting a sound clip so we can hear it run?

  12. chevy53 says:

    i think i need one of these. lol cool bike

  13. shawn says:

    sweet ride…that exhaust is sick!

  14. pickles says:

    She’s a beauty! Love the pipes and paint!!!

  15. Mississippi James says:

    This bike looks like its a blast to ride. Great job!!!