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1975 XS650 Winter Project



Update xs 650 street tracker Cycle Sports of Houston

We started out with a Rusted ’75 xs650 rolling chassis that was outside for about 16 years. Tried to keep it as cheap as possible by just refinishing, replating, and rebuilding all the stock componets and using stuff we had laying around off of other bikes. Continue Reading →

dsmiller’s first ride


dsmiller502 — May 23, 2010 — 78 yamaha xs650 bobber first ride.

xs650 boardtracker

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Update on Metal Head Fabrication’s boardtracker

Nick from Metal Head Fabrication finally got his boardtracker xs650 bike wrapped up. We posted this bike up on the web  just a few months back. You can read that post by clicking here.. This bike got a lot of comments and questions, so we brought you a stack of pictures of the finished ride for you to drool over.

wall tracker 2

wall tracker 1

wall tracker 3

wall tracker 15


Comments from the earlier post: reynoldburton said: Oh, thats something completely different. Much respect to this boardtrackerstyle masterpiece! Never seen something like this before done to an XS – turned out really nice.

-Nick- The tanks are aluminum, which really isn’t my prefered material. I’m more of a steel person myself. Each one is made of two halves that were hammer formed and then welded together. It took a healthy mix of files, flap wheels, and fiber pads to get them smoothed out. Putting the hours in to get them together started to seem like a hassle about half way through, but seeing them on there made me forget about the labor, sort of.

wall tracker 9

wall tracker 10

Comments from the earlier post: WannaXS said: Cool looking machine. I think thats the first XS I have seen with a leaf fork thingy..

-Nick- The forks were a fun project. The spring is a trailer leaf that’s been cut in half. Having a custom spring made or getting a replica Indian spring could be an option, but they can be pretty pricey. Aside from being more affordable, I kind of like the shape of the average leaf spring more than the flat ones. Plus, making good use of parts intended for something else just adds to that feel of chopping!

wall tracker 6

wall tracker 8

-Nick- My favorite part on the bike is probably the rear fender. A while back a friend actually made his own fender rolling machine to make a single fender for his own bike. The idea of having one done in solid brass popped in my head, so I ran it by him. Straight away he was into it. He wouldn’t take money for it and only made me buy the material. The quality of the fender blew my mind. That and the fact that it was basically a gift really made it a cool part to be able to add to the bike.

wall tracker 11

wall tracker 22

wall tracker 20

wall tracker 18

wall tracker 19


-Nick- There’s plenty of spots on the bike that could be added on to, but it’s been too nice out lately. It felt like it was time to take it out for some summer time rides.


Metal Head Fabrication


Teds-A-ttack bars and My blue 1977-D



7/8 A-ttack bars

I’ve had this idea for a set of attack bars in my head for some time. My hard tail is getting close to a finished functioning bike. I am just waiting on a couple more pieces and I will have everything I need to start putting it all back together and raise hell.. I had been thinking about doing a custom set of attack bars for a grip but I couldn’t find anybody that had a 7/8 die.. When talking with Jeremy @ I mention the bars I was thinking about doing and sent him a rough sketch I put together on some drafting paper. Checked my e-mail the next day and he was asked me for a shipping address.. haha. Pretty sweet. I was going to put the drawing in CAD but Jeremy was too fast.. The bars turned out exactly how I wanted them. I’m stoked.. The bars are a little shorter and narrower than some of the other attack bars I’ve seen around. They have a 15° pullback with 15° drop which is about perfect for me. There are only 10 inches high and the bottom bar is 9 inches to match the top trees. RAD.. I have some old BMX hand grips that will look sweet.

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Dutch bobber.



XS fever

Write about your XS650.: About a year ago I got the XS fever and started to search the web for a XS in a hardtailframe. It took about 2 months to find one. I have seen all the pictures on your site and I had a picture in my head what my bike had to look like. I stripped the bike and started to collect parts to build my own ride. Continue Reading →

Dark Sunshine



Write about your XS650.: I picked up this ’78 xs650 on a trade and completely striped it, I welded up the rigid frame,  made the foot pegs, handle bars, and fabed up the foot clutch for the suicide shift.   Continue Reading →